Friday, July 6, 2007

From Amy's blog.

PS- What is persecution if not a blog devoted entirely to ripping apart a single person, such as your "Trip into Candyland"? If she were copy and paste pictures of your family, and call all Christians to attack you and boycott your blog, then I would take her to task for unbiblical behavior.

This blog is not about ripping apart any person. It is for me to document my comments on the Keeping the Home Blog in case they are ever mischaracterized in content or number again.

I haven't copied or pasted any pictures of her family. DO any exist? Other than headless shots or distortions.

I never invited any one to attack or boycott her blog. I have boycotted her Home Management Binder. Boycotting is a very peaceful form of protest. Martin Luther King also organized boycots.

I'll be away from the puter for a few days for family stuff.

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