Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Is there such a thing as an innocent bystander?

It seems some of the people complaining about this site feel that they should be able to visit Candy's site for all of the household and baking tips and that it's all okay because gosh... they don't agree with everything she says! So that doesn't make them anti-Catholic.

So I was wondering, is there any such thing as an innocent bystander?

In the 1960s, a woman was brutally raped and murdered in her apartment courtyard. It was estimated that a hundred people or more must have heard her screams for help, but nobody did anything to stop it.

Were they all innocent bystanders?

A gay man was taunted and beat up in a bar in the late 90s. His body was later found a few miles away totally disfigured.

Were all the bar patrons innocent bystanders?

Many leaders including British Prime Minister, watched Adolph Hitler march into country after country and pretended it wasn't happening so that they could "keep the peace." Of course that only enpowered Hitler and eventually lead to World War II.

Were those leaders only innocent bystanders?

I submit that the answer is no. Whenever we see or witness injustice, bigotry, hatred, and cruelty, and do nothing to stop it, we have lost our right to claim innocence. In fact, as Christians, it our responsibility to stand up and to speak out against such things. In that way, then I also submit that the women who read Candy's blog faithfully, post "atta girl" comments in her comment boxes, purchase her e-book, or say that they are just there for the homemaking tips, are just as guilty of hating, maligning, and persecuting Catholics as she is. In plain speak - it's a sin.


jamesnbethany said...

I am not catholic, but I am happy to see someone speaking out against Candy's ways. I only wish more people could see how she has been manipulating everyone and treating others...I didn't see it for a few months when I was a faithful reader of her blog. I have seen it now in at least 4 different people that I know. She will post things, mean, nasty things about them publicly...then she will delete that post a couple of hours later. Then, when the person responds (normally and rationally) to her rude behavior, she will respond with a new post, claiming that the person is attacking her and being a "fool". Once I started seeing this from her, I was astounded at how cruel she was being. I had previously thought she was a really nice person with great advice. She really disappointed me. And I had found much use with the home management binder, which is the whole reason I started going to her blog in the first place. Ugh, I don't know what could be done to stop her or to make her see how unfair she is being. I would come to her and tell her how I felt , but I know exactly what would happen. All of a sudden, I would be the target of her hatred. And my post would be deleted before anyone ever saw it anyway.

jamesnbethany said...

Oops, sorry, didn't post my name- Bethany

Elena said...

Thank you for sharing your experience Bethany. I put you on the blogroll.

Lara said...

I am someone who does enjoy reading Candy's blog as well as yours, Amy's, Erika's and others. I do not agree with EVERYTHING anyone has said. I think that it is healthy to express our different beliefs. No two people will agree about EVERYTHING. We can all learn from each other whether it be by being exposed to new information or by learning more about ourselves because of something others say.

The cruelty and rash comments are unnecessary on all parts. That being said I could be insulted the suggestion that because I read and enjoy SOME of Candy's Blog I hate you Elena, or vise versa but I am not. I appreciate your opinion and your right to feel attacked.

I am sorry that a topic as important as ones faith and beliefs has caused such anger and turmoil. I think that one thing everyone could agree upon is that as much as history shows us that Faith is a topic of strong feelings and hatred. The Lord, OUR LORD, weeps over hardened hearts here.

All this being said I hope that I have not offended anyone. I am certain that this debate will continue and I will continue to read the blogs I mentioned along with others. I will do so because I have learned from each of you.

Elena said...

Thank you Lara for your gracious reply.

I guess I don't necessarily think that casual reader of Candy's blog is filled with hate for Catholics.

But do they have the responsibility to speak out when she goes on one of her rants? Yea I think so. I think there is some moral obligation there. If one enjoys the carmal cake recipes and the home management binder tips, then I think one also has to post something when it is Catholic ripping time.

But I would love to read a well-reasoned response on how that is incorrect.

Thanks for commenting.

Lara said...

To be very honest with you Elena I personally do NOT understand whe Candy or anyone needs to "rip" on others for their beliefs. It would seem to me that grown adults who clame to love the Lord could have mature conversation without name calling and insults. I require my children all 7 of them to communicate in a respectful manner. It would seem to me that we ADULT CHRISTIAN WOMEN do the same.

I have no answer for your comment regarding a response to Candy about "Catholic Ripping", other than though I am not Catholic and I do not agree with much of the Catholic teaching I respect you and your right to practice your faith, as I would hope that you would feel the same way about me. As Bethany said perhaps the reason more people do not respond to Candy's remarks is that the responses are NOT published and rather than allowing themselves to be "drug down" to that type of behaivor they choose not to respond at all. As I tell my children sometimes the best response is no reasons.

By the way...I am by NO means any sort of "expert" on the situation at hand. I hae just recently created blog page myself and I havent even written anything yet other than to make a couple of comment on other blogs.

It is definately not my intention to cause more turmoil. Thank you for posting my comments.

Lara said...

Sorry for all the typos I didnt proofread. :(

jamesnbethany said...

Thank you for adding me to your blogroll, Elena!

jamesnbethany said...

Is her latest post referring to you?

"This is in answer to a private comment sent to me, in regards to a specific modern form of persection on Bible believing Christians.

How do I do it? I just don't take it seriously, it is water off my back. God knows my heart, that's what counts. The Lord knows the truth, praise His mighty name. :-)

As for your question on tarnishing, the answer is no. If it were yes, then God tarnished Christ by the Bible and satan's twisting it in Genesis 3. Satan takes the truth and twists it, and he trains those who are influenced by him to do the same.

Stay strong sister, and continue to pray for your enemies. Love them that persecute you, as Jesus tells us in His precious Word. It cannot be done in our strength, but through God all things are possible.

PS - If you are getting comments from said person on your personal blog, don't even waste your time reading them, just delete, delete, delete. Pray, and move on. God bless. If you are at a blog host that doesn't allow comment moderation, may I suggest a move to It's wonderful to be able to filter comments, without my having to read them either."

Elena said...

I don't know. Probably.