Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My comments are here.
Might help if you ACTUALY READ the document. It is becoming clear to me Candy that doing actual research is not one of your strong suits.


Kelly said...

Hey, I think you're getting behind on Candy's blog, though. Are you not going to comment on her husband's article? I wondered where he got the idea that the Anglican church believes in salvation by faith alone, or that the Pilgrims were born-again Christians. They practiced infant baptism, and used the Geneva Bible!

Elena said...

Ah... so I am.

It will have to be so though as I spent a lot of time yesterday dealing with Amy and posting my response to that stupid Gipp book. But if you want to send me your thoughts or a link to your blog, I will post them!

Kelly said...

I don't have a blog. I guess I'm a professional commenter. :)

I'm not surprised you're having trouble keeping up, because your replies obviously take time to prepare. I was more commenting on how prolific she's been lately. I'm guessing she's getting a lot of comments from Catholics that has given her the idea that while they're all there, she might as well preach to them.