Monday, July 16, 2007

Welcome Erika

to the Candyland blogroll. Erika is probably familiar to most of Candy's readers. Here is her introduction:

I would love to be added to the Candyland Blog roll. I have had pervious debates with her. I am "the Catholic" that she has in her side bar under "Answers to a Catholic"
& "Discussion with a Catholic". During those debates she used all of her tactics that she normally uses. I have posted what I really said on my blog instead of her edited version. We must keep up the fight and put the truth about the Catholic Church out there! Thanks!

I agree Erika! Thanks for being part of the cause!


Chrissy said...

Elena - I'm also pleased to be on your sidebar.

I wanted to send you the link from Candyland where I defended the Catholic faith (last summer).

Imagine my dismay when I discovered her archives are no longer accessible?!? There are some articles in her sidebar that are the result of the discussion that Erika, Courtney, and I participated in, but I couldn't access my original comment.


I certainly don't claim any expertise at apologetics, but I think I made some valid points. I certainly didn't know the furor that would start with my attempt to defend the Catholic faith.

Thank you for what you do. The truth must be told.

Elena said...

Chrissy you can still get to her archives. For example, this is the address for July 2006

Just put it inyour browser. Do you remember what month you had these discussions?

Chrissy said...

Elena -

Thanks! I found it when I searched by specific dates in August 06 - our "discussion" happened on 08/14/06...

Erika S. said...

Thanks for putting me on the blog roll. I have found it very amusing that I have a lot of people coming to my site to read the debates that I ahd with Candy but no one ever comments except for the other ladies that are on your blog roll. I wonder why?