Wednesday, August 1, 2007

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Why don't you just let swylv just lead the discussion. She seems more engaged!


Connected said...

I personally never thought that Candy posted very "deep" comments about this discussion (if one could call it that). She seems to almost skim the book and pick out a few key items to mention. Not a lot of meat, IMO.

She seems awfully quiet as of late. Except, of course, for her cryptic messages to a poster that she won't actually publish the posts. IF there actually is a poster. I get the distinct impression that she very often creates characters who have supposidly commented on her blog in order to have something to write about.

I really don't want to be mean-spirited, but as I have read through some of her archives, it has become blatantly clear that she is a miserable, confused woman. She goes out of her way, over & above to talk about how wonderful her life is, how great her "castle" is and how roomy (which I have on good authority is a cramped and tiny mobile home), etc. Plus all of the exercising for x-number of hours, homeschooling her children, making homemade yogurt, bread, and etc. Kudos if all of that is true, but I seriously doubt it. Her "typical day" according to what she posts would be tough for a mature, seasoned Christian, wife & mother to accomplish so I doubt that she really comes close.

So, why do I think she does these things? Well, I had a so-called friend in high school who did the same thing. Candy is immature and unsure of herself and her post in life. Hiding under the cover of the wonderful internet, she has made her life the one she really desires. My life is not perfect, but at least it's my REAL life.

I've said too much. I'm sure the Candy-aholics, Stepford-wife supporters will have a heyday with this one. That's OK. I really feel that the Lord impressed on me a while back not to aspire to Candy's life as presented on her blog & I believe the above are the reasons why.


Anonymous said...

Connected, I agree. :) Well said. JMO

Anonymous said...

I guess Candy feel out with Mountain Mama OR she just isn't promoting her blog link anymore. MM has her blog set to by invitaiton only! The reason stated was that she & other Christian bloggers were getting threats. ??? Hmmmm....The drama continues...