Saturday, September 8, 2007

Refuting Sister Charlotte

Refuting Sister Charlotte here.

HT Bethany.


White Daisy said...

First off, please if you can & you aren't too busy, add me back on to your V.T.C.L. blog roll. You are blogrolled on my blog. Both of your blogs are btw. TY!! :)

Under The Prairie Moon

Forgive me for always re-posting my blog posts from other Catholic blogs but you i'm sure can understand why I don't feel like writing them 2 or more times. I left this on Kitkats blog.

Kitkat & other Catholic readers of this blog,
Please take some deep breaths before reading Candys newest Catholic bashing post about a nuns life.

WHAT A CROCK!! This story is not real. It is a bunch of untruths. Candys "followers" are again hanging on her very last word. Praising God for being Christian & not Catholic. Wanting to bring each & every one of you who are Catholic into the light & know God as they do. Because they are true Christians who praise the only one true God & that is in the Christian church. ~PUKE~

My aunt (grandpas niece)was a nun for many many years. She was very happy doing Gods work. The latest post by Candy is total B.S., a total waste of time to read, & did I say total B.S.!

I started to get pissed but figured out real fast that pissing people off is what Candy does best. I'm done.

I just re-read this comment. I lied before. I AM pissed.

White Daisy said...

GREAT LINK Elena!!!!!!!!!

Holly Elise said...

wow... i can't believe people believe that story. even before i read the refute!
its amazing how people just suck up what they read or hear and don't even question it. makes me angry, really.
totally agree with -white daisy-...

kitkat said...

Hi Elena!! I just posted this on my own blog before I even knew that you put it up. Thanks for standing up for truth!

White Daisy said...

Wow, I stated on my blog that I have been catty on the net & that i'm not perfect. I guess i'm doing it again. Candy really knows how to push those buttons that's for sure. Here's an idea: why don't we turn that zeal over to another area in your life & stop bashing Catholics!!

I am getting so frickin' sick of hearing Candy & her readers bash Catholics & then turn around & say they have nothing but love for Catholics! YUCK!!!!!!!!!

Also growing up in the Catholic church-Mass every sat. evening, making first communion, going to CCD classes from ages 5-15, I HEARD the Gospel! What a bold face LIE for Candy, her husband, & other ex-Catholics who are now Christian, (because they've been reborn into Christ through the one true Christian church, seen the light & no longer walk with blinders on remember) as well as Candy followers who believe all this crap because their authority leader says it;'s all true. FALSE. FALSE. FALSE.

Holly Elise, Thank you. Were you the one who posted this on Candys blog? If so good for you! :)

**hello Candy, just wondering if you've read this? sean...lottewells.html
because I'm sure that you wouldn't post something as truth without first researching it.**

Candys response to was WEAK not the article refuting Charlottes. She is so mixed up. :( :(

Now, the 3 maidens & I do attend 2 churches at the present time. We go to Catholic Mass on sat. evenings, the Christian church on weds. nights, (family night-youth groups & adult bible study in the sanctuary) & sunday service at the same Christian church. We will be leaving soon so I will get off my soap box...for now.

Everyone have a great sunday!! :)

White Daisy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
White Daisy said...

This is what I meant. It didn't come out correctly. I was typing tooooo fast. **Candys response to Holly Elise WEAK not the article itself that was refuting Charlottes story.**

White Daisy said...

She took down her comments for this post. Gee, I wonder what she will say the reason for this is?! Hmmm....maybe something like: ~I took down the comments for this post because I have been getting hateful comments & mail from non believers, Catholics, & Christians who stick up for them. My person is being attacked. I am being called names & cussed at~...YEAH YEAH we've heard this crap before.

Me said...

Here is something I'm not comprehending: While not stating I believe the former nun was lying: I left Candy a comment and asked her not to publish it. In it, I asked her why she could so easily disagree with the 'refutation' when the 'confession' gave to facts nor could be proven and the woman is dead now over 20 years. I was kind! I asked her to e mail me at the address only she would see and just give me her reason for absolute belief that the story was truthful. I thought she was out at church and would not see my comment. However, I saw her publish and answer a comment in which she calls the weakness of the 'refute' or whatever. However, the irony is in that BOTH the confession AND POSSIBLY the refutation were weak. If so, how can she stand behind ONE??? She needs to pull any posts where there are too many possibilities of fraud. I asked her if she read the refutation; since she will see it as "weak", why does she see the nun's confession, with no proof, as "strong"? I even suggested Sister Charlotte may have been in an unfortunately deviant group of people at her convent; that she may have been a nervous person prone to weight loss over other things; she may have been in such despair that a type of anorexia crept in. Since there seems to be NO ONE of the nuns nor priests stepping forward to support Charlotte's claims; wondering is not wrong. But Candy would have one believe that. Sigh. I have a private blog. It's where I vent. And I don't "need" anyone coming over to "debate". More power to you, Elena. God bless you!!

Mrs. K

Me said...

oohhh...should have typed 'no' facts in line 6 of my last comment. Typo.

Elena said...

White Daisy, I tried to add you but Bloglines said:

No feeds were found. Please verify that the website publishes an RSS feed.

If you have a feed let me know what it is and Blogline will be able to add you.

Holly Elise said...

yes, white daisy, it was me who posted the link to the refutation.
i have read many blogs where people post news items or opinion pieces, all very well-educated people who strongly believe in what they say.
and they ALWAYS post linking articles, the refutes and all.
you CANNOT post something as truth without telling the whole story.
such as, "Sister Charlotte" may or may not have been a real person!

Blondie said...

Oh, I cannot BELIEVE she has posted the so-called testimony of that former nun!!!! It amazes me what people will do to stir up hatred and contempt for the Catholic church. Candy has sunk to a whole new level with this garbage. ::shaking my head in disgust::

Blondie said...

One of the comments from Candy's blog: "I've spent all morning reading this in between caring for the kids. I am heartbroken and outraged. Does this really go on? It couldn't, could it??! Why on earth can the government come in and intrude on families and take their children away, but yet this goes on all over the place in these convents?? How can it be? Oh I hope this doesn't really happen. How could this kind of torture be so widespread and allowed?? What can we do about it, to make sure it's exposed, if it really does happen?"

Oh my gosh, here's the very complicated answer: BECAUSE IT DOESN'T HAPPEN. Wake up!!! This article is full of misrepresentations, exaggerations, and outright lies. I don't think anything on that blog has made me as angry as this one. My stomach has been churning all day.

SICK, SICK, SICK. I truly hope this former nun confessed and came back to God before her death. We should pray for her soul.

Annie C said...

I just posted a comment there (have yet to see if it gets posted) to the effect that many people there keep saying that Catholics don't read the bible because they don't have one with them at mass. And yet the missals have scripture in them. So does it count if the book you're reading the scripture from doesn't have the word "bible" on the cover, and yet is still the same word of God? I'm waiting to see what the answer is.