Friday, September 14, 2007

The Sorrowful Mother

Just as today we remember the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, tomorrow we remember Mary as the Sorrowful Mother. Michaelangelo's Pieta is also a beautiful piece of sculpture that finds its home in the Vatican.

Some wonder why Catholics honor Mary so much.

For me as an adult, Mary as the Sorrowful mother really hit home when I suffered the loss of my own child. I found comfort in known that Mary understood that very sorrow because she had lived through much worse with her own son. So tomorrow is always a special day for me to remember.

A year or so ago I shared the date and it significance with a blogger who had lost babies at 25 weeks and was quite sad and grieving about it a year or so later. That touched her heart in a way and we have been blog friends ever since. We have totally nothing in common and are 180 degrees from each other on most other issues. But sorrow, motherhood and Mary were things we could agree and bond over.

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