Sunday, September 9, 2007

Stats for this blog!

I am just amazed at how many hits this blog is getting since it came back! Over 600 today!! Amazing!

I this indicates more than just a curiosity. People really have a desire to see the other side of things. It also shows me that the search engines are picking up on this without a link of mine on Candy's blog.


Holly Elise said...

thats very reassuring... reading the comments on Candy's blog, i was afraid there were not many thinking people around, people who want to see all sides of a story!

Bethany said...

I think that there are even more people who would like to see the other side of things so that they can see the full story and discern for themselves, and not having their opinions formulated by Candy. Too bad she doesn't make it easier for them to find you.

Elena, what's funny is, if you truly were writing anything that was wrong, hateful, etc...then Candy could post a link to show everyone "how mean" you are to her, instead of paraphrasing or completely misrepresenting what you say to her on her site, and giving no indication of how anyone can find it to see for themselves. (And everyone would say, yeah, wow, Elena sure is being mean to Candy!)
But Candy knows she can't do that, because she knows that others will be able to discern appropriately and see what's going on, and that she would probably lose most of her favoring audience. And she can't have that.

The difference between this blog and hers is that, while you are rebutting Candy's posts, at least you let us see what the posts are that you are rebutting!