Wednesday, October 31, 2007


We got over 1000 hits today. I have never in four years of blogging gotten so many hits in one day!


Faithful Catholic said...

Hey, that is great! I'm loving it.

I just read a great post by Mark Shea here:

Check it out.

Tracy said...


Anonymous said...

I only hope that people read the post and not just the comments. The posts are the most informative, important part of this blog. The comments leave us all room to reach our limits but the valuable, effective part of this site is reached by never clicking on a comment button.

Thanks for the information, and hard work.

Rachel said...

Oh yes! I read and enjoy and learn more and more. Thanks everyone! Recently, a group of ladies I play Bonko with - who all just happened to be Catholic! (didn't know that before) got into a discussion about catholic bashing. Seems one of my friends starting going to a bible study and there was this woman who continually questioned her about her faith. Remarkably, it was most of what Candy spews. I was able to guide her and explain things to her. She was so excited. She has a hard time putting things into words or better yet, words this woman will accept! Finally she had to tell the woman she was there to learn and not be questioned and if she had a question about the catholic faith to make an appointment with priest and debate with HIM! LOL She was impressed with my quick responses and I told them it was because of this blog I was learning so much and it sparked me to read my bible more and dig deeper into my faith :)

Milehimama said...

I also would like to say that I have been to Bible studies like that - and they made me Catholic. Being handed a Jack Chick tract on the "death cookie", I grew up "Catholic" and I knew it wasn't true. I wasn't Catholic and never intended to start going to a Catholic church, I just wanted accuracy. So I bought a catechism and dug out some books to show what Catholics actually believed... and now I am a Catholic.

Kelly said...

Just ten shy of 1000 yesterday, too!