Sunday, October 7, 2007

Pope Benedict XVI on the Narrow Gate

Mr Bauer talks about the narrow gate in his latest post on Keeping the Home. Here is what Pope Benedict has to say about it:

" What is meant by the 'narrow gate'? Why is it that many people do not succeed in entering through it? Is it perhaps a passage that is reserved only for a few elect? The Pope said that the message of Christ is that everybody has an equal chance of entering through the narrow gate, "but it is 'narrow' because it is demanding, it requires commitment, self-denial and mortification of one's own egoism."
Christ invites all to heaven, he said,"but with one and the same condition: that of making the effort to follow Him and imitate Him, taking up one's cross, as he did, and dedicating one's life to the service of our brothers."
Benedict XVI makes the point that we "we will not be judged on the basis of presumed privileges, but by our works."
"True friendship with Christ," he added, "is expressed by one way of life: It is expressed by goodness of heart, with humility, meekness and mercy, love of justice and truth, sincere and honest commitment to peace and reconciliation."

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