Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Will the real Mary Ann Collins please stand up? | Spero News

Will the real Mary Ann Collins please stand up? | Spero News: "Which Story Do We Believe? Collins' own biography contributes to her elusiveness. For example, since she attended a convent for over two years and was asked to leave, it is reasonable to think that someone could be found who remembers her and could identify its location. However, this has never happened. Perhaps if one could find the mysterious convent, then the question could be answered as to which of Collins’ different versions of her dismissal is accurate. The 2001 version says that her mother superior decided she should not take vows. Collins goes on to say that she felt God’s protection led to her leaving the convent as a regular health check up (not provided by the convent) discovered precancerous polyps in her colon. A few years later, a doctor found lumps in her breasts during a routine physical exam. Collins stated, 'If I had stayed in the convent, I would have died of colon cancer and breast cancer.' Her current biography has been edited to rephrase the reason she left. In this version, the mother superior’s questions about Collins' calling led to the final decision being made by both the mother superior and the convent leadership. Strikingly, the compelling testimony about this being proof of God’s protection has been removed. Additionally, the date at the top of the current version"

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