Friday, November 23, 2007

The Pope, On St. Jerome, On Scripture

A truly Catholic view of Holy Scripture:

What can we learn from St. Jerome? Above all I think it is this: to love the word of God in sacred Scripture. St. Jerome said, "To ignore Scripture is to ignore Christ." That is why it is important that every Christian live in contact and in personal dialogue with the word of God, given to us in sacred Scripture.

This dialogue should be of two dimensions. On one hand, it should be truly personal, because God speaks to each of us through sacred Scripture and has a message for each of us. We shouldn't read sacred Scripture as a word from the past, but rather as the word of God addressed even to us, and we must try to understand what the Lord is telling us.

You can read the entire commentary on St. Jerome here.

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unknown anon said...

Perhaps we can start now in preparation for the promised "discourse on symbology."