Saturday, November 3, 2007

This was nice to read

This came in an e-mail from one of Candy's Protestant Readers:

I will be totally honest, and you can publish this if you want. I felt like by her explanation of you, you were some nasty troll using foul language and the like, but when one of your comments went through I was really suprised that your tone was better than civil, it was kind.


Tracy said...

That is very nice to read! I would just like to say that in my opinion her comment is what being a good Christian is all about and I thank God for her being willing to post to you Elena with kind words and a kind heart, that makes me feel so much better, that not everyone in this world who disagrees with our faith is as mean in spirit as Candy.
Thank you Lord!!

Rachel said...

Awww.. To that poster.. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I hope you stick around, ask us questions and enjoy your time here!!

Eileen said...

Seriously? I defended Elena's 'comment' at Brandy's blog...and TA - DA!! I'm now banned. Christianity and immaturity are not to be equated. Elena, I think it may be a maturity issue there (on a personal level, not a 'spiritual' one). Ridiculous.

Elena said...

Which one is Brandy?

Tracy said...

Eileen, it is most definitely a maturity issue, it is I am right so ha ha, it is like little children fighting.. just so silly!

Kelly said...

Brandy's blog is one of the ones that Candy links to in her sidebar.

I'm not sure that it is immaturity so much as a different worldview.

I have also been surprised at how many times I have left a comment on a blog, a very non-confrontational "Just to clarify, Catholic teaching is actually ____, see the Catechism here" and not had it published. I can only remember my comments being published at two blogs, actually, Amy/Motherofmany's and Stephanie/Mountain Mama's. One other blog added my comments while she tried to "save" me, but once I started quoting scripture to defend the Catholic position, the entire exchange was deleted.

Anyway, I think that it has more to do with a separation or insulation factor. Many of us homeschool, in part, because we want to protect our children from exposure to things at school. I've come to think that most of these fundamentalist blogs don't want to post the Catholic point of view because they are afraid that some mis-guided person will be persuaded by it, and that is a danger.

I think that Catholics tend to approach religion in a way that is more based on reason and logic. If your argument is sound, then you have nothing to fear from a differing opinion.

Fundamentalists seem to me to base their beliefs more on emotion, the biggest of which would be "being saved." Candy has written before about "needing to hear some good preaching" which would also be an emotional need. She also questioned Mother Teresa's salvation because she didn't feel the presence of God all of the time. But emotions can be fickle, so I think that is why there is the need to be overprotective about what is allowed on your blog.

Of course, this is all speculation on my part. It could have to do with any number of things. :)

Elena said...

It's probably a bit immaturity and world view. Most of Candy's readers as far as I can tell are very young women. I'm going to guess that Sallie and Amy were probably the older.

And I also agree this is more based on "feelings" than logic and reason. I remember trying to dialog with Amanda who was simply amazed that I did not equate HER interpretation of scripture with "God's word." There was little room for reasoning or logic and the she quickly labeled me a "troll" told me off soundly and that was that.