Sunday, December 2, 2007

Candy versus St. Paul

Candy preaches that "The Christian cross is empty, because Jesus is no longer on that cross. We rejoice in His resurrection."

Contrast this with St. Paul, who writes in 1 Cor 1:23 that "we preach Christ crucified."

This is, perhaps, the reason why Candy does not provide any Scriptural support for her assertion that a Christian cross is an empty one. I did direct her to this verse in a comment, but she declined to publish it.

In addition, one could point to Revelation 5:6 as proof of Jesus' perpetual sacrifice. "Then I saw a Lamb, looking as if it had been slain." If Jesus appears in heaven, as if he had been slain, then why not remember His sacrifice on a crucifix, looking as if He had been slain?


Faithful Catholic said...

That verse from Paul was going through my head as I was reading Candy's post. I'm beginning to find it amusing, all the different, and I think quite legalistic, interpretations of the "graven images" and "idols" writings. I was particularly intrigued by what Candy calls a "horn" on the "headdress" of the blessed mother statue. To me it looks like a cross. Did Mary sprout horns and nobody told me???

Tracy said...

Great post Kelly!! Candy sure loves to dish it out but let anyone else comment that doesn't agree.. are you crazy, no way.. shows how scared of the truth she is.. if she was so certain of herself she would allow people with differing opinions to ask questions.. she is again just spreading hate and lies... pathetic!

unknown anon said...

The statue of Mary is taken from Revelation 12:1. The woman has a crown of 12 stars, the moon under her feet, and is "clothed with the sun" (represented by the gold plating.)

All they see are "horns." The top of the crown is the cross, there are twelve stars around it, and she is standing on a crescent moon.

It's all Biblical imagery. She also needs to do a little research on the sacred image in the Bible. God DID command representations of angels to be made for the ark in the OT, among other images He put to use. Use of images is not idolatry.

In addition, the history of statues, stained glass, and yes, symbolism, date from the time when there were few who could comprehend the written word. These images were used to transmit the sacred stories (Biblical and human) from one generation to the next. Using them for recollection is not idolatry.

But ignoring that history goes hand-in-hand with KJV-onlyism. The hubris of thinking that everyone in all places and times has been literate, in English no less, is feeding this theology of hers. More's the pity that there are so many falling into the same trap.

TheDen said...


I stumbled on your blog about a week ago. I stumbled on Candy's blog a few months ago.

Please keep defending the faith! In defense of Catholicism is how we can share the knowledge of our faith.

Moreso, we are not called to belittle or taunt Candy. We are called to love her. So please everyone show love to her. Yes, her ignorance of Catholicism is obvious but it does not give us license to sink to her level.

Now, regarding her thoughts about the Crucifix, I too thought about Paul and "Christ Crucified."

It's hard for Protestants to understand that the majority of the world could not read until after WWII and a vast majority could not read or write for most of history. Scripture did not mean anything if they could not read.

So, the Catholic Church preached through statues and images. The Word of God was alive in the images and preaching "Christ Crucified" was most evident in the Crucifix on the altar.

The truly great thing wasn't God resurrecting. That was easy for God. What I think was truly great was that God chose to die--for you, me, and Candy.

And that's what the Crucifix reminds me of.

Tracy said...

theden, hello and welcome.
No, I don't think we should bash Candy but just respond to the posts she has as Elena and Kelly have done.
I just get so frustrated sometimes that someone can be so ignorant and impossible, I've had some great discussions online with protestants about our faiths and they were pleasant and kind and we both were able to post about our thoughts on different subjects etc. and at least we could say we learned from one another, but Candy drives me nuts as she only allows one side and yes, she has that right, but her ignorance of the Catholic church can be so much sometimes that I just want to hit my head against the wall, ha!! But, I force myself to pray for her anyways and to forgive her, Jesus forgave the people who crucified him, (Father forgive them, for they know not what they do) and if Jesus can forgive.. I can too.