Friday, December 14, 2007

The Homeschool Blog awards are going on right now, ending tomorrow, December 15, 2007.

Many fine homeschool blogs have been nominated.

The Catholic Homeschool Blogosphere is also well represented in many categories.

I want to bring special attention to the Best Homemaking and Recipe Category.

The blog at Welcome to Keeping the Home is very anti-Catholic. You can read some of her articles on her homemaking blog against the Catholic Church:

Discourse in Symbology

Q&A on the Mass

The Vatican and the Bible.

"Catholics, I really need to tell you."

Although there are no Catholic blogs in this category, I have checked out the other candidates and none of them are anti-Catholic. I think it would be a shame if this one were to win in this category. Please see for yourself and then vote accordingly.

Of interest, Candy has taken some of her posts out of her side bar and the one about the Vatican vs. God goes to her detergent recipe! Coincidence?

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