Saturday, December 29, 2007

I found some useful links

I found some excellent information and believe me, there is a lot to be found, these links are just a few that I had a chance to read, they give a clear explanation of why Catholics use a different bible and also refute the claims that Catholics don't read their bibles or interpret them by themselves.


Faithful Catholic said...

Woohoo! Tracy, you are on a good roll! Thanks for posting these links! All excellent, especially the last one.

Anonymous said...

Those are some really good links, Tracy.

Tracy said...

The thing is, it is so easy to find out the truths about Catholics if you really want to know the truth, with the Internet it makes it right at your fingertips, so for Candy to act so totally ignorant... ugh, I would respect her more if she simply stated that she has no desire to know the truth about Catholics... at least for once she would be honest instead of playing this charade.