Thursday, December 20, 2007

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Another Home Management Book

Block Calendar with facing “Notables” pages (exclusive to Simple Gifts!), colour-coded for the Liturgical Calendar and featuring important feast days and Saint’s Days
- Week-at-a-glance pages colour-coded for the Liturgical Year and featuring important Feast and Saint’s Days
- Birthday/Anniversary Register
- Address Book
- Medical Information
- Dated Menu Planning pages with shopping list, colour-coded and featuring important Feast days and Saint’s days
- Prayer Intentions Log
- Ledger Pages (for keeping track of your accounts)
- Homeschool transcript pages
- Reproducibles
- References and resources galore, including home remedy recipes and cleaning tips, checklists, and shopping resources.


Nissa said...

Thank you Elena! You have blessed my day!

Rebecca said...

I made a home management binder using Kim's plans that she posted last year at Starry Sky Ranch.

The whole planner series including downloads is in her right hand sidebar. The Simple Gifts planner is almost identical in content but Kim's is free.

Elena LaVictoire said...

Kim's plan is actually over in my side bar over in the home management section. I am going to add Nissa's to it as well as I want to offer as many alternative's as possible! Thanks Rebecca!