Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Candy's Inspiration

If you google Candy's name, one of first items that pops up is a bulletin board message from Candy asking about the most effective way of marketing a website. The response contains the advice that "If you load up your personal page with free tools and how-to articles or a blog, you will be more respected and probably build a following. Repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals!"

Candy seems to have decided on the blog model, and she has built a following to help sell her product, which is her e-books. As she has followers, they like to ask lots of questions. People ask her questions as insignificant as which brand of candy thermometer she uses, or as theologically heavy as her interpretation of John 6. Candy may or may not have answers to these questions, but she is a woman who likes to do research, and she has a favorite resource to help with these questions. Namely, the Jesus-Is-Lord website, which she links to on her sidebar.

Candy's Vatican Versus the Bible.

Notice the section on the 10 commandments is similar to here, at Jesus Is Lord.

You can read Candy's article on the Trinity here.

Compare it with Jesus-Is-Lord's article on the Trinity here.

Candy's take on John 6, pieced together from Elena's post.
Jesus Is Lord on John 6, perhaps where Candy was inspired to refer to the Eucharist as the "IHS cracker".

Although Candy originally cut and pasted Sister Charlotte's testimony to her blog, she just links straight to the Jesus Is Lord site on her sidebar now. The anti-Christ slide show was a direct link there, too.

So, am I accusing Candy of plagiarism? Not at all. If you look over both links, it is clear that Candy gives her own interpretation of things. Some elements are similar, and the 10 commandments chart is the same, but she is clearly not copying word for word from Jesus is Lord.

Many Catholics can be blind-sided by the sort of information that Candy puts on her site, because most of us are unfamiliar with such extreme claims. Where is she getting this stuff, we wonder. It comes from sites like Jesus Is Lord, and others. If Candy has a slow day, she can go there, pick a topic, and write about it. She gets an instant landslide of hits to her page, as people go to read what outrageous thing she writes about next.

Up next, maybe a refutation of the Eucharist in verse?

Or just a nice series of articles on geocentricity . . .

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1 comment:

Faithful Catholic said...

I have to say that "verse" on the other site is one of the most offensive things I've ever read. Except for the fact that the person who wrote it is obviously totally ignorant about the Eucharist, I'd have to say the writer is sliding very rapidly down a very slippery slope.

There ought to be a law. . . . .