Saturday, February 9, 2008

Coffee With Candy: January 2008

Here's a new blog I discovered. The blogger is Joy, and I found her checking us out from our site meter! Welcome to our blogroll Coffee with Candy!

Coffee With Candy: January 2008

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Tracy said...

oh wow... awesome!!

Joy said...

Dear Elena,
Thank you! I am so very glad to find your blog and the others who have defended the faith on their blogs. As a 'Candy' reader for the past three years (and as a Protestant back then) I was always surprised when no one responded to her outrageous statements. I found out why I never saw responses when I finally tried to post a response (yep, deleted :-). I hope that our blog "responses" to Candy will strengthen those who feel doubt after reading Candy's dogmatic lies and help those who are searching as I was. As for Candy...I think we should make it a priority to pray for her daily. I am making it a part of my Lenten discipline. I think that prayer is the only thing that can break through to her as her mind is too blinded by prejudice and pride. Thank you for all you're doing. It's very encouraging to pop over and read your healthful responses after being sickened in Candyland. Sincerely, Joy

unknown anon said...

"Churches that believe the Bible as sole authority are very consistient in their basic beliefs and have been since the Bible was written."

Since when?

Kelly said...

Joy, I LOVE your background. I also like your chatty writing style. Great job!

Unknown Anon--Since the Bible was written, just like she said. ;)

Erika said...

Thanks for the heads up! You have such wonderful blog links!