Thursday, February 7, 2008

So what IP hiders do you use?

I haven't attempted to post ANYTHING on Candy's blog for a long time, but today I asked a simple three-word question and she blocked my IP. That means that when I try to view her blog I see it for a brief second and then I get sent somewhere else.

Of course, I already have Candyland in my bloglines and Google reader, so I can continue to read what she writes, I just can't link to it directly (although I probably can via Feedburner) and I can't read comments.

I've been thinking about getting an IP hider anyway, but there always seem to be better ways to spend my money. But I might splurge with my refund.

So do any of you guys use IP hiders and if so, what would you recommend?

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Tracy said...

I use one called "hide my IP" but if you have anything to say you can email me and I'll copy and paste it and put your name at the bottom and post it for you.. totally up to you of course.. I paid for hide my IP, most of them are not free, she still won't post it for all to see of course but she'll have to read it, lol!!

Elena said...

I saw "hide my IP" when I went looking. Do you like it Tracy? Was it easy to use? Did it interfere with your browser at all? Was it worth the money?

I merely asked her, "what about women" to her statement to another commenter that Jesus was referring to men, not children. I think it was a relative question sincerely asked.

Tracy said...

I like it so far, I don't use it very often, only when I really don't want someone to trace my IP.
It does promt my computer to ask me "allow or not allow" and Candy is quick to block the "fake" IP so you have to go and click "search again" and it just will get you a different IP so that a person can't keep up with you, lol!
I haven't posted anything at her site in quite some time, I just posted a couple posts such as "interesting post" just to see if she would post the comment and yes, she would but I know that if you challenge her... forget it, ha!!! That is what is so awesome about this site, you can just direct it all right here and not play the games with Candy.
I personally don't see why she is against posting what people ask etc.
I have never stopped someone from posting on my blog, even if I don't agree with them.. that is what discussion is about.. people sharing ideas.. not always agreeing but being open to ideas... Candy is only open to her truth.. SAD!!!

Kelly said...

Oops, looks like I got banned, too. She must have really ramped up her idea of security, because I've never been blocked or banned before, just had my comments declined.

This is a pain, if I can't link to her, or access her links.

Tracy said...

Kelly, your blocked from entering her website? I have been banned from commenting before but I have always been able to read all her blog and her comments and replies to others.. can you still see her blog and comments?

Elena said...

I think what is happening is that Candy is using an IP blocker. WHen I try to access her site, I get sent here instead.

Frankly, I don't care. I can still see her on Bloglines and if she does away with her RSS feed - so much the better for the rest of the world.

Elena said...

On the other hand, i just downloaded a free version of Hide my IP and it works great. I get on for no problem whatsoever. it might not be a bad idea to have this for security reasons anyway. Thanks tracy!

Tracy said...

Elena or Kelly, I hope you can address Candy's newest post on this blog, I would like to if I can find some time this weekend but if one of you can do it first.. awesome.. she is really getting started up again, imo.

unknown anon said...

I'm a cultist! I'm a cultist!

And I thought that "Scripture interprets Scripture." So the part of John 2 where Mary tells the servants to "do whatever He tells you" isn't at all related to ANYTHING else in the Bible.

Unless later we decide it is.

As the Church lady used to say..."how conveeeeeeeeeeeeeenient."

Sallie said...

pardon the expression but there is actually one that you can use online called hidemya**

works pretty good, too...