Thursday, March 27, 2008

Answering comments

From the Candy com boxes:

Oh wow, the lady above has a blog *about* this blog LOL (I'm not laughing AT you, Elena - everyone's entitled to have a blog about whatever they like - it's the blog-about-a-blog concept that tickled me)

Yea. Tickled me too. I never really set out to have this other blog. My main blog and the homeschool blog I'm supposed to be keeping are more than enough! Anyone can check the archives for our humble beginnings.

But much good has come out of it! We have met some wonderful people and of course the collaboration with my co-bloggers has really been a blessing to me!

Now Candy's comment:

Gravatar molytail, I must be doing something right for the Lord, because the enemy is mad.

Note the inference that if we are "against" something Candy writes, then we must be the demonic ones! (insert eye roll here)

But I rather think that this blog and the Coffee with Candy Blog are the result of divine inspiration - creative people with something to say looking for a way to say it and have it read... having a voice where a their voice was silenced.

There are several websites out on the net, whose sole existence is to be a blog, or rumor mill about this blog. :-?

Well we don't do "rumor." We do use Candy's topics as spring boards for posts over here. But I think we're even growing past that a bit over here. This is becoming a Catholic Woman's Apologetics Blog!

I don't waste my time on such foolishness, and I suggest you don't either. The Bible says to think upon those things that are pure and lovely, and I can honestly say that when I did visit above mentioned site, it was NOT pure or lovely.

Oh... you mean like infering another group of people worship the devil, have soul less eyes and are part of a cult? WE don't do that. I think someone is projecting?

The sheer amount of lies and gossip about me (much of it in the comments) was physically sickening to me.

A challenge, if anyone finds something on this blog or in the comments that is dishonest or gossip, let me know and I'll delete it. We tried to calm down the comments before and I did try to weed out some things but I might have missed something. Also since this blog is all about ALLOW COMMENTS and letting people have their say, we tried to edit lightly, but I certainly would remove lies and gossip if you guys care to point it out. Just e-mail me.

I have removed the link to said website in above comment, because many find it an offensive website, and I don't blame them.

Human nature being what it is, I bet our hits go up!

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Anonymous said...

It's been hard to verbalize what it truly is about Candy that drives me so insane. I think she just gave me the reason.

Gravatar molytail, I must be doing something right for the Lord, because the enemy is mad.

The fact that she thinks this is astounding. The fact that she thinks anyone who thinks differently than her or believes differently, questions her, or provides alternate opinions and information, are the enemy. The fact that she thinks she is sitting pretty with God and he has chosen a "side" between believers and her "side" is the right one.

I'm all for being confident in your beliefs, but this stinks of arrogance.

I will never, until the day I die, understand how any one person or any group of people with particular beliefs can be so sure they are right and the rest of the world is wrong.

What gives someone the arrogance to believe themselves special among all others?

Maggii said...

Yes, I was quite affronted by that comment as well.. but yanno it's Candy..and in her eyes us Catholics are Evil Satanists...

KitKat said...

Hi Elena! Being fresh out of RCIA, this kinda got to me today. So, I sent a comment in to Candy. I'm not sure if it will make the cut, but I really just want Candy and the ladies who read her blog to stop and think about how it would feel if they were in our shoes. I am leaving a copy of my comment here on your blog so that I have a record of it just in case it doesn't meet approval.


I didn't see anything in Elena's comment above that indicated that she was angry. And as far as Sara's comment, I myself have felt upset, angered, and deeply hurt by many of the untruthful anti-Catholic articles that have appeared on this website. The blogs that have been mentioned in this comment thread are simply dedicated to correcting the lies, misinformation, and exaggerations about the Catholic faith that have shown up on this blog. Any Christians who may feel compelled to argue that Candy is merely proclaiming the truth, I beg of you to please put yourself into the shoes of those of us who value our Catholic faith. We, who are practicing Catholics and know our faith, are saying that our faith is being misrepresented and others are telling us that this misinformation is correct. How would that make YOU feel?? It is like telling us that the sky is purple when we can clearly see that it is blue. And the opportunity to defend our faith has been in short supply on this website, so some very clever ladies came up with another way to defend our faith.

I am definitely not Candy bashing right now. I am sure that she is a wonderful woman who loves the Lord with all of her heart and who desires to do her best to care for her family. I wish her nothing but the best. I just hope that this comment will help folks understand how it feels to be a Catholic and have your faith misrepresented. :(

I cleaned up a few typos and wordiness here, but it is still pretty much word for word.

Just in case I haven't thanked you and the other ladies who contribute to this blog I want to send a big THANK YOU! I'm glad that you are all here. ;)

KitKat said...

I am abusing your comment section as a record keeping site, but this is my rebuttal to Candy's response to me. Please let me know if you would like me to delete these. I don't want to take over your comment section.
Again I see the sky is blue and yet you tell me it is purple. I really do appreciate your concern for my spirit as it shows that you are a kind and loving person in your heart. But I must assure you that my spirit is not in turmoil. I, too, have done my research (including an ongoing and in-depth study of the Bible) and that is what led me to where I am today. Although I know that you did not take your RC posts down because you felt them incorrect, I just want to let you know that I and my fellow Catholics appreciate that you removed them.

I guess the main point of my comment was that you say you have done research and I know that I have extensively researched the Catholic Church before I became a member, but we each have come to vastly different conclusions. Why, exactly, would my research and conclusions be incorrect and only yours be correct?

Again, Thank you for your concern and for taking the time to answer my comment. I do not feel that I am in a spiritual battle, but it is very kind of you to inquire.

Have a wonderful evening!

Kelly said...

I admit, my fear is that if we overwhelm her with how grateful we are that she took down the posts, she will put them back up again.

kitkat, I thought you were very polite, and although I can't speak for Elena, I enjoy it when people post their comments to Candy here so that I can read them, as one can rarely read them there.

Faithful Catholic said...


I second what Kelly said. I admire your graciousness.

Nancy Parode said...

Here's the comment I just left on Candy's blog:

Candy, although I'm a new commenter, I've read your blog for a while. It's my opinion that the Roman Catholics, like me, who read your blog and leave comments do so not to change your faith or the faith of any of your readers, but to dispel the many myths about Catholicism that have been discussed here and elsewhere on the Internet.

I don't find offense with your desire to follow your faith. I am offended when people discuss my faith - in a negative, pejorative or insulting way - without finding out all the facts about what I believe, particularly online, where some people - fortunately not you, Candy - use the Online Cloak of Invisibility as an excuse to spout vitriol about Catholics in particular or Christians in general.

Reading parts of the Catechism of the Catholic Church isn't enough to fully understand 2,000 years of Scripture and Tradition. If the Catholic Church is indeed deceptive, and if Catholics follow "teachings of men," I can't see how anyone can fully explain away the fact that the Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ, who was, at the time, not only God but also Man.

Maggii said...

I think what I have the hardest thing with, is that anyone can proclaim to be Christian yet denounce the Catholic Church they not realize that just about every Christian belief they have stems from the Catholic Church in one way or another? If the Catholic Church had not held and preserved the Scripture they would not even HAVE the Scripture they use to profess thier faith. It's the Catholic Church that preserved the New Testament Scriptures and pronounced them Inspried to begin with. If the Catholic church had not taught us all that they were the WORD of God...other Christians would not even know they existed...they use many of our teachings in their own faith...yet ridcule our 'teachings"...I just do not get it.

Seems to me if God felt fit to allow the Catholic church to hold his Word all those Centuries ago...seems to me there must be something 'right' about the Catholic Church?

Nancy Parode said...

Well, I've been censored; I'm "the other Catholic commentator." Sigh.

Elena said...

Welcome Nancy!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the club, Nancy. I was responded to as such last week. Passive aggressive remarks do much for ones position, I guess.

Welcome here as well. I am not Catholic and have little to offer by way of defending the faith, but I'm here because I learn a lot from these women and they are very good at dispelling myths and stating facts. They let me play with them because - well, I'm not sure why.

I've learned more about religion - not just the Catholic religion either - here than I have in the rest of my time on earth. Not being actively involved in any church or religion, my curiosity and quest for knowledge has been quite pleased with the information I've received thanks to those who blog and comment here.

Elena said...

"They let me play with them because - well, I'm not sure why."

Because you're part of the family now and we'd miss you if you left!

Candy mentioned to me last night that this blog was divisive. That may be to some extent, but it has also been very unifying and I even think a camaraderie has developed among us regulars. I think it's been good.

KitKat said...

I really can't understand why something that stands for truth would be considered "divisive". Really?? All that the ladies who read this blog do is try to correct any myths that are presents as truths.

I was disappointed that Candy didn't fully address my question: "Why, exactly, would my research and conclusions be incorrect and only yours be correct?" I hope that I am not the only person who noticed that her answer was a rather irrelevant conclusion.

Kelly said...

Yes kitkat, I noticed that we are causing "division", but the "confusion" which her site causes to Catholics is due to our souls being called to be saved, or whatever it was she said. One could easily say that the confusion caused by her site is being authored by satan. Why is one different from the other?

Clearly, both sites stir up strong feelings. I rather think it has more to do with how much we all have invested in our religious feelings, rather than this contradictory division/confusion thing.

Anonymous said...

In a way, it may be divisive but if it is, it is a consequence rather than a decision.

My experiences with religion have mainly been with people who believe, and act, like Candy. That turned me off religion in more ways than I can count. I wanted no part of anything having to do with God or churches or religion.

It's only as I've gotten older and had experiences with many other people of many other belief systems that I have opened my mind back up to the parts of life involving God and spirituality.

This blog has done more for that opening up than anything else has in the past several years. Why? Because it presents a side of faith that doesn't insult me at every turn. It presents a side of faith that is loving, forgiving, tolerant of others regardless of their personal beliefs, and open to discussion. It presents the position of the Catholic faith without slapping me across the face with it and insisting that any doubt or question I have is irrelevant and must be suppressed in order to be a "true Christian".

In that vein, I say this blog has done more to join people and educate than to cause dissent.

Kelly said...

kitkat, I just went and read the new comments, and I have to say again, that I was so impressed with how gracious you responded. What a wonderful Christian attitude!

perplexity, I always enjoy reading your posts, and not just because they are full of compliments. Have you ever read any of the blog Et Tu? I've linked to it once or twice. Jenn, the blogger there, had similar feelings to you. She was an atheist and had only negative impressions of Christians, and the blog is her journey along those lines. I think you'd appreciate some of her earlier writings where she is writing about how her impressions changed as she encountered a different type of Christianity.

Anonymous said...

I am Christian but not Catholic and I do not think your blog is divisive. If anything it promotes Christian unity by explaining the beliefs of one particular set of Christians.

kritterc said...

As a convert, this blog has been such a blessing for me. Divisive?? Not as I see it. I am not much of a writer, so I don't comment a lot, but believe me, I am with you wonderful people everyday. I have learned so much since I started reading this blog. Thank you all for sharing your faith with me. Peace and Blessings!!

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about what Candy said about gossip/rumours in the comments and I remembered a couple of things which may be what she is referring to?

Recently I read some of the archives of this blog (I think I read June-Nov 2007) and some people had said that they thought there was more to her son running away than she let on and there was also some mention of her not being legally married.

I'm sorry I can't remember exactly where they were but perhaps this is what Candy read and is referring to when she says this blog is gossip and rumours.

Kelly said...

saved sinner, I think Elena probably covered this in her most recent post. I know that early when Elena had just started the blog, she really struggled with how much to censer the comments, since the main reason for starting the blog was because Candy was censoring comments.

At one point, Elena did remove some of the inflammatory comments, but I don't know how recently, or how much was removed. As I can remove posts as well, I might start culling through the comments as I have time.

I do remember the conversations that you are referring to. Candy used to have a link to her husband's blog, and he did specifically mention on his blog that they did not get married legally because they felt it was the place of the church, and not the government, to marry people.

On the one hand, that would fall under Candy's theological views, so it could be a genuine possibility for discussion. However, at this point she has removed the link to his blog, which I believe he has taken down, so it is rather a mute point.

That was the reason we removed the references to Candy's last name. It was originally easy to find, because of her husband's blog. Now that the link has been removed, that information is not so easily referenced.

Anonymous said...

I understand.

Just want to clarify that I was not saying that those things were gossip/rumour but just that if that is what Candy read then I can see where she got the idea from. Hope that makes sense.