Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Emergent Church and more

In regards to Candy's post on the Emergent Church

I let Kelly do the heavy lifting on this one and as usual she did a great job and reminded us that she has had this Richard Bennett on her radar for quite a while too!

Joy over at Coffee with Candy
did a great contrast and comparison between Candy's theology and the emergent church theology. Go read it, but don't have anything in your hands. You'll need both of them for applause!

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Anonymous said...

Ladies of Candyland,

Hello my fellow Christ Followers! I have visited this site from time to time as I like to see the other side[usually to find out the truth about various candy posts] of things that are what I find to be comical Apologetics over on Candy's blog. One of my best friends is an Orthodox Catholic, and so is his brother, neither of them believe what she has posted about Catholics believing, and having attended Mass myself on a handful of occasion's, I found the services to be lovely.

The only reason I visit that blog is to make sure nothing slanderous appears anymore about my wife Brandy. In fact I am more then positive her recent post about the Emerging Church had something to do with the new site we recently started entitled

The post was badly written and poorly researched, but very much typical of Candy. I did not bother to post any comments there because I am well aware of her tactics concerning comments. Had I comments I would simply request what I am about to request of you know.

I not only keep a main site that has research sources available from those people actually involved in the Conversation, but I have set aside a portion of my blog to do for the Emerging Church Conversation what you do here on this blog for Catholics. Stop in anytime and ask questions, the only comments that do not get approved are rude comments or spam

Anonymous said...

okay for some reason it has my wifes name showing up, but the above comment came from Jason her husband.

Anonymous said...

forgot to add my blog link...just add :intothewilderness to the aformentioned main site