Saturday, March 22, 2008

Main dish or sides?

Just a quick post on the sex in marriage post currently up. From reading in the comment section it appears that Candy is condoning possibly oral sex and masturbation. I could be misreading her comment:

Happymommy, if you're thinking what I think your thinking of what I'm thinking, then, no, I haven't seen any problem with it, and have never felt it was a sin.

I have also found no indication in the Bible that it is. There is more to physical intimacy with one's spouse, besides just the main course.

I did LOTS of research on an example of "seed spilling" aka Onan on my blog. My Domestic Church: Search results for Onan. Feel free to read those over.

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Anonymous said...

A lot of this is very confusing to me. But, I also don't spend too much time thinking about it. When it comes to personal things, my husband and I just do what works for us and keep it between us.

But, on the whole, what confuses me the most in this particular situation is that Candy's post was inspired by a question someone asked in her comments.

The confusing part? Why is someone going to Candy for advice about their sex life/marriage? Wouldn't they go to their pastor or priest or a marriage counselor or even a close confidant? Or, better yet, her husband? What makes someone ask Candy, publicly, on her public blog?

That is, I fear, part of where Candy's ego is coming from. Too many young, confused people looking to her like she is a direct link to God and all that is "right".

Kelly said...

Oh, I remember when you did that series on Laine's Letters. You did a great job!