Sunday, March 30, 2008

Poll in the side bar - should the boycott stay or go?

Feel free to vote and then let us know why you voted the way you did in the comment section!
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Tracy said...

I voted that it should stay; that said, I'm not saying that it is not possible to remove the boycott at some point but that would happen if and when the "reasons" the boycott was begun would no longer exist and personally at this point, I still don't see that quite happening.. but you never can tell.

kritterc said...

I also voted that it should stay. The homemaking, child-rearing info is OK, but I am uncomfortable at the way people are reeled in under one context and then fed misinformation. If that changes - then maybe lift the boycott. I just don't understand why her methods of childrearing and homemaking are considered so great. My children are grown and I am still trying to figure motherhood out.

Elena said...

I actually offered to remove the boycott of the Vatican vs. God link goes from the side bar and I would be happy to comply with that.

Kritterc, I don't think any of us will ever know how our parenting worked out until our kids are tested in the fires of adulthood! I realize more and more everyday what a great mom I had and hope I am doing half as well for my own kids!

Elena said...

I'd really be open to hearing the reasoning from the people who are voting to remove the boycott. All logical arguments are welcome!

unknown anon said...

I voted to keep the boycott.

That said, I don't know that it really has that much of an effect on those who will be purchasing the e-books.

I find the 'advice' offered in the ones I have seen to be just as pedantic and 'authoritative' as the information posted on the blog.

Those who are disciples of the author will only be driven to the books by the boycott, I think, as proof that they are 'right.' Even given that, I think the boycott should stand.

kritterc said...

Unknown anon - "Pedantic"...That is the description I was searching for and one I have not heard in a while. Thanks for broadening my vocabulary. I have been trying to use words out of my "norm" lately. The old brain needs the cobwebs blown out from time to time - lol.

unknown anon said...


HA! I know lots of fifty cent words. It's that Catholic Liberal Arts education my parents got me in my youth. Of course, most of it has leaked out of my brain at my advanced age.

Here are some other useful words: banal, venal, and egregious. They are descriptive, precise, and a little off the beaten path. I try to use them once a day, which isn't hard these days.....