Thursday, April 17, 2008

Awesome! The Papal Mass


Maggii said...

Gosh isn't that amazing. While there may be small percentage of non-Catholics in this picture.It was mostly Catholics there...and that's only a small percentage of the Catholics in America!!!

Being at Catholic University yesterday and seeing the Huge crowd of mostly Catholics there really gave me a whole new was AWESOME to see.

Tracy said...

Simply amazing!!

Nancy Parode said...

The Holy Father's whole visit has been amazing. I think the media have been surprised - first, at how happy American Catholics are to have our beloved Pope here, and, second, at how caring and down-to-earth Pope Benedict really is.

The media reports on yesterday's Mass and meetings were fascinating to read. I think that some journalists who were trying to put a negative spin on this visit have had to rethink their perspective.