Saturday, April 12, 2008

Blogger: Coffeybean Family - Post a Comment

Blogger: What Candy et al think of our site.

prayzgod said...

You are doing the right thing. I don't read any of their comments either. The second I see any of their names or IP addresses (I use haloscan) then I'll read the first few words, and if it's the spew it usually is, I don't bother reading anymore of it, I just delete it.

Also, I NEVER go to their webpage anymore. I don't care what they say. I have removed them from my life by:

1. not going to their website - ever
2. not reading or publishing their comments

Yes, they are a crazy bunch. They seem to think my telling the Gospel to Roman Catholics is illegal, because they keep calling their legal Catholic League about my website.

It's interesting that she thinks the Catholic League is a law firm

Stand with me against the great falling away, and continue pressing towards the mark. You and I are earing(sic) unperishable (sic)rewards in heaven. We have the ONE true God on our side every step of the way. RCs have gotten saved from my articles on my website. They NEED to know the truth.

God bless, and ignore the Elena crowd. :-)

Banana peels not included.

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unknown anon said...

My favorite combox theme: If 'they' were so holy, 'they' wouldn't be here clogging up Candy's combox with responses. 'They' should be taking care of 'their' families.

As if Candy wasn't taking valuable time away from her family committing her lies to the blogosphere.

How God directs me to spend my time is between me and Him. 'Nuf said.

Sal said...

'the Elena crowd'
Does this mean we're, like, your entourage?

Maggii said...

What I don't understand is how is what they are oding now any different from what they are accusing us of? They talk of rumormills....and accuse us of saying terrible things about them ..ok...well I've just read quite a few nasty comments directed our way...they are discussing us....questioning our families...questioning our marriages...callig us names...etc etc. How is that any better???

What I really don't understand is why there HAS to be this US vs. THEM mentality...and that mentality is coming from their camp for the most part...not ours...

faithful catholic said...

"God bless, and ignore the Elena crowd. :-)"

Hmmm. Is she asking God to ignore the Elena crowd? Or, am I reading this wrong? I might just be offended. Wonder what God thinks of that request?

Maggii said...

I'm sure the comment was directed at whomever she was speaking to....not asking God to ignore us but advising her friends to ignore us...otherwise the whole comment would make no sense....

"God Bless, and ignore the Elena Crowd."

If there was no comma Yeah it would sound like she was asking God to bless us yet ignore us..which would be impossible could God Bless us and ignore us at the same time..

I think she just was giving a blessing to her friend and advising her to ignore us.