Friday, April 4, 2008

Catholic Carnival #166

Catholic Carnival #166: Mercy, Love, Parents, et Cetera.

Visits to Candyland was a participant in this week's Catholic Carnival.

I also found Redneck Woman has a very relevant post at Postscripts From the Catholic Spitfire Grill, entitled Why Catholics Don't Discuss Their Faith With "You."

My favorite part:

Consider what the implications are for unity in the Catholic Church. When was the last time you had to answer for the Salem Witch Trials? Probably never or certainly not regularly. After all, that was THEM and not your church. But when you are Catholic and you are ONE with those who came before you, you are answerable for the Crusades, and the Inquisition, and selling indulgences. Think about this, all the questioner has to do is come up with a few facts (often wrong) about these events and then sit back and say "well what about that? What about the Crusades...huh?"

How are YOU on Crusade history? Good enough to spot erroneous information? Can you name them all? Put them in historical context? Sort the good from the bad? Provide proof? On the spur of the moment? Can you do that for the Inquisition? The Reformation in Europe? In England? Offer support or context for the accusations made against the Church in South America? Galileo? The task is really quite daunting and the burden of proof is always placed on the Catholic.

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