Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Converted ex Catholic #4 - and my theory is still standing.

This one was actually a piece of cake and easily proved my theory about the uncatechized leaving.

I always questioned the traditions of the catholic church from the very
beginning since my parents forced me to memorize prayers such as "Hail
Mary" "Apostles Creed" and the "Act of Contrition".  Then comes the
memorization of catecism (sic)in which I dreaded memorizing things such as the
following never made any sense to me: transsubstansiation, (sic) confirmation,
penance, veneration of icons, praying for the dead, the rosary.  There was
my ultimate question of the catholic church:  Why does "bible study" stop after

So with a jr. high level education of the faith, at the age of 13-15, this is supposed to be our example of a well catechized Catholic drawn out of the church because they found the truth? Doesn't quite do it for me.

We know one thing for certain, Candy is reading this blog and for a change, we have her reacting to OUR posts, instead of the other way around.

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Nancy Parode said...

You know, I just spent an hour on the phone with one of my evangelical nondenominational Christian friends - we agreed long ago to disagree on how long Earth has existed - and we AGREED on pretty much everything we discussed, including his Christian blog's mission, the role of God in our lives now and in our salvation, in our thoughts on the immediate future here on Earth, etc. It's pretty amazing how many things all Christians have in common, and it's wonderful to think that fellow Christians can discuss these things in a respectful setting. No fish hats, no arguments over the age of the planet, no fake captions...just two Christians who are friends, praying for each other's intentions, supporting each other's ministries when we can, and knowing we'll always have that civil arena where we can really discuss the issues that count.