Monday, April 14, 2008

Final thought from last week's activities

A Candy commenter writes in the com boxes:

Incidentally...I dont know if anyone else has experienced this but anyone wishing to comment on some of Candy's excellent but more controversial topics, such as catholicism might want to comment anonymously.

Isn't that why hate groups like the KKK wear hoods with their robes?

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Kelly said...

Ironically, the KKK is no longer anti-Catholic.

Q. Why do you hate Catholics?

A. We do not hate Catholics. The Klan during the twenties did take an anti-Catholic position as did many other Americans. They believed that Catholics held allegiance to the Pope and thus Rome over and above the United States and the President.

Today, we know this is not true. There are Catholic members of The Knights as well as Protestant members of The Knights. Christians, both Catholic and Protestant, are under attack. We must stick together, all of us, and work to protect our children's future.

Milehimama said...

Catholic members of The Knights

Wow, that is so sad. Wonder what Bl. Mother Teresa must think! I love her book on love.

Elena said...

I think it's a sad commentary that Candy et al are so behind the times! Imagine being more bigoted than the Klan?

Anonymous said...

I totally get your point but I can just picture their comments in response. They'll be saying you'r a crazed woman who accused them of being in th KKK.

Elena said...

I didn't accuse anyone of anything. Nonetheless there are certain analogies that can be drawn no?

Anonymous said...

Yes I completely agree with you. I'm just predicting what their responses might be based on the fact that they already give very distorted descriptions of this blog.

Milehimama said...

Although, if a member of the KKK has had a "salvation experience" (and they do call themselves a Christian brotherhood), who are we to judge?

Who's to say they are wrong (using that logic, I'm not saying that they are not wrong).