Thursday, April 17, 2008

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Why antagonize? One should have more to do with their time... You asked if Candy is watching the pope on TV. I do not know Candy personally, but somehow I doubt that woman has the tube on much. She is too productive and too smart to have that thing blaring all day.

I don't recall seeing a television in Candy's house tour.

On the other hand, when I was growing up my grandmother ALWAYS had the television going during the day. She liked the background noise and she also liked being up to date with what was going on, especially after the Kennedy Assasination. Of course that was the era of NBC, ABC, and CBC only!

May God be with you and you seek out truth.

A sentiment that we share for Candy and all of her readers as well!

I will say something that is true... There is only one Messiah. God Himself came to earth over 2000 years ago and His name is JESUS! You should try to wrap your mind around the blessing that this is as we all should. We do not have to have any mediator standing between us and God (the pope or a priest, saints or whomever).

A very misunderstood passage by Candy and crew. We handle the one mediator concept here and here.

He payed the highest price so that YOU may go to God on your very own.

A very Catholic idea!
1019 Jesus, the Son of God, freely suffered death for us in complete and free submission to the will of God, his Father. By his death he has conquered death, and so opened the possibility of salvation to all men.

He gave His life so that you would... I doubt the pope would ever go to the cross the way your Savior did.

I'm not sure what that even means theologically.

Another highlight- a comment DEFENDING the Pope got through!

Actually, this Pope was required to register for the Hitler Youth, under German law (as all teens were when they reached age 14), but he never went to meetings. The fact that his cousin, who had Down Syndrome, was killed by the Nazis probably had a lot to do with his decision.

Hope this clears up Anne's question.

More info on that here
and here.

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Anonymous said...

She does have a TV - I've definitely seen a picture with it in but it would be specualtion to say whether she uses it for anything other than videos/DVDs as I've not known her mention watching anything other than them.

Blondie said...

Candy has a TV, she talks about using some exercise tape, plus she has mentioned watching movies with her kids and husband, as well as Spongebob.

But like you said Elena, some people do just have the TV on in the background, doesn't necessarily mean they are sitting down glued to the TV set. I had EWTN playing on various TV's around the house yesterday but not once was anyone actually sitting down watching. It doesn't seem to be hurting my production or intelligence. (rolling eyes)

Tracy said...

I have EWTN on almost all the time as I go about through my day, if something catches my ear.. I stop and take a closer look.. I love Mother Angelica and I love when they do the Rosary and the Mass is said more than once during the day on EWTN as well.. some people listen to the radio, I listen to EWTN.. I think I get more done!

Tracy said...
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kritterc said...

"He gave His life so that you would... I doubt the pope would ever go to the cross the way your Savior did."

Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we could have eternal life and he did it willingly. But to say that the pope would not go to the cross -
She has no idea. There have been many popes who were martyred for their faith - beginning with St. Peter. I imagine she might say they did not die willingly, but how do we know? They knew their lives were in jeopardy, but they kept the faith and continued with the work of our Lord. Just my opinion.

Blondie said...

And actually many did die willingly - many times all they had to do was denounce their faith. The strength of the early Christians just amazes me.

Joy said...

"He gave His life so that you would... I doubt the pope would ever go to the cross the way your Savior did."

I'm sure being the pope (and the road leading to the office) involves unimaginably huge sacrifice and self denial. His life is not his own. He has the responsibility of the church on his shoulders, is answerable to God in the highest way, and has to deal in a Christ-like way with fallen,sinful men at every step. (And I assume that those men he has to deal with can be every bit as irritating as some of the people I have to deal with.) He has already given his life for the church, and although salvation doesn't come through him, many will be saved because of him and his example.

Sal said...

Excellent post, but some of the typeface (italic vs. plain) got confused, I think?
Thanks for your coverage and links on the Pope's visit.

Unashamed said...

I have a question - and I'm not trying to be a smarty-pants, I'm truly curious. Luther identified the papacy as being the anti-christ. (Me? Personally I think it's Rick Warren...) I was wondering, does the RC church identify any particular person or entity as being the anti-christ?

Kelly said...

unashamed, I have not been able to find that the Catholic Church identifies any one or thing as the anti-christ.

I've seen two different Catholic sources identifying the Whore of Babylon as Jerusalem and ancient Rome, respectively. So, I'm not sure we have an official interpretation on these things. I'm thinking we figure "you'll know it when you see it!"