Tuesday, April 8, 2008

FYI, the Vatican Vs. God essay is two clicks away from the front page of the Homeschool Blog Awards home page. As of today, this is only one click away. A friend of mine did contact the powers that be at the Homeschool Blog Awards site and they replied to the effect that they understand the issue, and are discussing how to handle it. If the site was neoNazi or full of racial slurs, attacks on the elderly, disabled, different race etc., I think this would be a no brainer. I am unclear as to why when Catholicism is called a cult, that this requires discussion.

You can contact the Homeschool Blog Award people here.

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Doc said...

Honestly, the unethical behavior by "the powers to be" in regards to the Homeschool Blog Awards shouldn't surprise you. I have written extensively about the questionable behavior of several of the women there. The entire thing makes me physically ill. The likely answer is that because most of them are evangelical, they simply agree with Candy. Sad but true. The Homeschool Blog Awards bills itself as bringing "you" the best in homeschool blogging, yet they disqualify many of the best homeschool blogs because those blogs don't fit into their dogma. I don't think they'll remove her link - it's been there for what - a year now?

Elena said...

Doc, I'm glad you found this. You were on my list of people to contact next!

Yea, the HSBA folks are very disappointing. I really do not see how in good faith as a Catholic I can participate in their awards in the future or on their blog unless or until they take the live link to her blog down(it's only been a few months Doc- it just seems like a year!)

I will say this too. I would rather see an occasional f*** or other expletive used in context of every day life, than to see an entire group of people slandered for their race, creed or religion. How the HSBA folks don't see it that way is beyond me!

Thanks for stopping by Doc!