Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Just a few things

Kelly posed some good questions in the comment section on Candy's post RE bible comparisons:
Could you please give an example or two of a note that could cause doubt in God's Word? I'm not sure I understand what sort of note that would be. Some of Dake's doctrine flaws seem pretty serious, so I'm wondering what would be worse there.

Also, why do you feel the paragraph headings are important? They weren't in the original text, so I'm not sure why we need them.

Finally, why do you like the red letter Bibles? Since the entire Bible is God's Word, do you think it could make it appear that some of God's Word is more important than other parts?

Thank you for your thoughts!

No reply to this yet and likely there won't be as questions further down in the thread were already answered.

Joy over at Coffee With Candy has some things to say as well!

"If one rejects the Church as authoritative and binding, what then becomes binding and authoritative, or does nothing take its place? The state? The local theology professor? The most preacher?" (Dave Armstrong)

Perhaps Candy's views are the ones that are authoritative and binding? She seems to think so, even calling those who choose to believe the Church (rather than her) "the enemy".

It is interesting that in Dake's biography which Candy links to, he says, "From the first of my studies, I found the Bible to be simple and clear. Daily study, coupled with my ability to quote the Bible as I yielded to the Spirit, helped me “rightly divide the truth” (2 Tim. 2:15). "

This sounds exactly like Candy! But the question begs to be asked: How did they manage to come to differing conclusions about the Trinity etc? Weren't they both using the same simple and clear Bible? Wouldn't they both claim to be yielded to the Spirit? Ahhhh...the problem with Protestantism at its finest!

Lastly, eight people have voted to end the boycott but no one has left a comment to say why? I really an curious about this. Why should I end the boycott of a product produced by someone who I feel continually attacks my faith? I'm just looking for a compelling and persuasive argument for that.

Have a great day all!

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Ketann said...

OK, here goes...
After I had a stroke, life stunk. The house was a disaster and I had little energy for anything. All I could do was cook and somewhat clean. I was depressed and tired. I knew the concept of a Home Management binder and actually tried to make one, but to little success. I Googled to no end until I found Candy's blog. I had already spent money on other failures and was reluctant. I loved her blog because she had so many ideas and she she was such a positive Christian woman.
I can't tell you how many times I have thanked Candy. I don't know if she realizes it, but she applies energy efficiency to her methods. If you ever had a stroke, you would understand that concept. Also, I was slow for a very long time. Her ebook taught me a better way despite my disability. My dear husband has complimented me more about the house since I used her binder than any other time.

I am not here to debate the issues you and Candy have. I just wanted to give my reason for why her binder shouldn't be banned. I pray I am speaking for all disabled people.

Elena said...

Ketann, thank you for taking the time to respond. I really appreciate it.

One of the strongest memories of my childhood is the stroke of my grandmother. I lived with my grandma from my toddler years until I was 19. I do remember visiting her in the hospital when she could not speak and could not move her left side at all. I also remember her long road to recovery that pretty much went on through my teen years until her death. Your comment brought to mind many of those household struggles from those years.

Please know that we are not "banning" a book but rather boycotting. There is a difference. I have no power to ban anything. This boycott is a peaceful way of protesting many of the unkind and untrue things Candy has written about the Catholic Church on her blog. I have however, offered to remove the boycott if she removes the link to her Vatican vs. God essay in the side bar.

In the meantime, people are still free to purchase her e-book whenever they want, however many they want! I merely explain on my blogs why we are protesting and I offer other alternatives (including FREE alternatives) to her e-book which may be just as beneficial to disabled people or folks on tight budgets.

I'm glad you were able to find the order you needed for your home and I wish you the best. Please feel free to comment at anytime.


Kelly said...

Kelly is a very common name, you know. That could have been anyone.

But if it was me, then I would give Joy credit for the red-letter part of the comment. ;)

Blondie said...

I wonder why she didn't answer. My first guess is she doesn't HAVE an answer. Second guess is that well, she doesn't have an answer, so... she's got her wheels turning and her fingers clicking all over the web to prepare for a future post.

Kelly said...

Actually, when she edited the post she included the answer to one of my questions:

I'm talking about notes that say things such as "this passage does not belong in the Bible, because it wasn't in the oldest texts" etc. Those notes are highly inacurrate, and based off of a scam started by Westcott and Hort.

I guess I wonder why someone who has a faith immature enough that they would doubt the inerrancy of the Bible because of a note that says "This verse not included in the earliest manuscripts" would be able to discern which of Dake's notes are accurate, and which are heretical.

I'm afraid that she recommends the Dake so highly, that beginner Christians are buying his Bible and being led astray by his notes. She hasn't really provided a guide as to which notes should be ignored and which followed.

This is something that I'd sincerely like to discuss with her, but I'm afraid if I bring the topic up, I'd get banned again.