Tuesday, April 1, 2008

King James Version

Some Protestant Christians, including Candy, think that the King James Version is THE only version of the bible worth owning, reading and studying!

Part of that is due to the writings of some Christian authors such as Sam Gipp who wrote An Understandable Bible History. Candy did a series on that book last summer, but never finished it.

For those who are interested in why some Christians think the King James Version is the best you may be interested in my comments from last summer. All of them are accessible here.

If you're unfamiliar with Mr. Gipp or how the King James Only arguments tend to go you might find this interesting.

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Anonymous said...

The King James only theory is so laughable academically that is not even funny, well maybe partially, as they claim all other versions are flawed yet KJV is the most flawed version!

Tracy said...

Thank you for covering this topic Elena!!

Swylv said...

While I prefer to read the KJV myself I realize that even it can be translated as best they could do and I'm sure they prayed and asked that the LORD would use the work regardless of imperfect man's ability to grasp the exact meaning of the Hebrew/Greek.

For example when Isaac also blesses Esau it should correctly read that he will live AWAY from the fatness of the earth. And I had to write that in my KJV. However more recent translations/editions of the Bible say this correctly but make me shudder at the blatant onslaught against Jewish Custom -- the NLT version for example

for more see

BTW I like the Catholics acknowledgment of Christian being grafted in with Israel and how they realize God is not blessing his chosen people. as written at coffee w/candy's T or F post

Swylv said...

oops that should read God IS blessing HIS chosen people