Monday, April 7, 2008

To Tide You Over

Monday is my busy day, so I'll have to save my full response to the latest article until later.

However, Elena wrote about the idea that the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon here.

Feel free to discuss Candy's article on the comments here, but please remember to discuss what is wrong with her ideas, not her person.

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1 comment:

Elena said...

My comment on Candy's awaiting moderation:

I know you won't publish this, but hey... you might!

Candy, I' can't say I'm surprised, but I guess I'm a little disappointed. For one thing, I already handled this topic a while ago here
Wouldn't it be more fruitful to address the rebuttal instead of vain repetition of the same argument?

As for speaking in love - I love my son dearly. When he and I disagree on a topic, (politics, social issues etc) I at least LISTEN and examine his side of the issue from his perspective. I would submit that the ability to listen and examine issues is what makes truly great apologists (Catholic and Protestant) great! Your talk of "love" is hollow because you aren't willing to truly examine the other side from that perspective.

Rather than constantly misrepresenting what Catholics believe or teach (arguments that are easily shot down) why don't you instead concentrate on why you disagree with the true teachings? That at least would be more genuine and you would gain the respect of more mature and studied Christians.

Anyway, we'll be tackling this later. We have all but two of your points in the Vatican Vs. God article totally rebutted. I suppose this one will be next. Thanks for keeping us busy!