Thursday, May 15, 2008

John Hagee's apology letter (PDF)

John Hagee's apology letter to The Catholic League.

Some highlights:

In addition, I better understand that reference to the Roman Catholic Church as the "apostate church" and the "great whore" described in the Book of Revelation is a rhetorical device long employed in anti-Catholic literature and commentary.

I hope you recognize that I have repeatedly stated that my interpretation of Revelation leads me to conclude that the "apostate church" and the "great whore" appear only during the seven years of tribulation after all true believers - Catholic and Protestant- have been taken up to heaven. Therefore, neither of these phrases are synonymous with the Catholic Church.

It's really a great letter and Bill Donahue says the matter is now closed.

Some thoughts - Mr. Hagee said these anti-Catholic things because he really didn't know any better. He read anti-Catholic literature, and he merely repeated what he read. That folks, is exactly what Candy and her readers do! They know not, and they know not that they know not! It is very gratifying then to read that when a gentleman like Mr. Hagee was open to actually "listening" to the other side he was humble and gracious enough to see the error of his logic and gaps in his knowledge base, and change accordingly. It takes a big person to do that, and I applaud him for it.

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Tracy said...

thanks for posting this Elena... good info!!

Sal said...

That is a nice letter. Hagee just doesn't give off those serious anti-Catholic vibes, like some.
Thanks for the link, Elena.