Saturday, May 10, 2008

More Fun with Nuns

Knowing how much Candy loves nuns (We love them too!) I thought everyone would get a smile out of this!

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Anonymous said...

That made my morning!

Blondie said...

That was the cutest thing!

EvelynMasters said...

I loved it!! That is probably one of my favorite songs. I sang it in choir when I was in college and it always reminds me of special times as well as being a symbol of my faith!

Annie C said...

I love the song, always have, and that's a cute show, I'm totally amazed by the amount of work they put into it.

Oh, how to put this delicately

Um, you guys do know those are more than likely not real nuns, right?

Sal said...

Umm, Elena,
AnnieC. nailed it- definitely NOT nuns.
This is the Turtle Creek Chorale, a gay men's chorus from Dallas. Recognized the Myerson Symphony Hall background and looked it up to check.
Just FYI...

Elena said...

Sal, I really don't have a problem with it. I think it was done in a spirit of joy and light heartedness, that many of us still feel and remember toward the sisters!

I'd much rather see something like this than the evil lies of someone like the so called Sr. Charlotte that Candy promotes.

Thanks for the heads up though - they did a great job!

Sal said...

Okay, babes-
Just didn't want anyone springing that on you from another source or anything.