Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Some thoughts on Candy un-etched

In case you missed it, Candy has an un-etched photo of herself (this time from the waist up!) on her blog. She might leave it or she might take it down, so see it while you can!

I mentioned it to my husband today and also how other than a few little anti-Catholic digs here and there (missionaries to the Catholics in Peru?) she has mostly been on topic for the past few weeks.

My husband said, "Maybe she's trying to move on. Maybe the homemaking articles and the picture are her way of finding a new focus and moving towards it. Is that Possible?"

You know, maybe it is. Candy and I have not been corresponding in e-mail anymore. Our exchanges were uncomfortable and a bit awkward. I felt as if I were walking on egg shells most of the time. That whole series of correspondence started when she posted an internet picture of my house and neighborhood on her blog. For a woman who values her privacy and anonymity so much, that was a momentous action to take. One of fear? One of hatred? Maybe a bit of both? But the result was an opportunity for us to correspond directly with one another and although it was short lived I think it was helpful for both of us to see the other side.

For what it's worth, I love pictures on blogs. I post my own. I love to see the photos of others. I think it can only help Candy's readership to put more lovely pictures of herself and her family on her blog.

And if she is truly moving on I respect that as well and would happily make this just a generic apologetics blog. Time will tell.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to think she is moving on and focusing on her homemaking. But, I have to be totally honest and say I don't believe she is. Many of her recent posts are recycled. It may mean nothing other than she has been low on material or is busy or it may mean any number of other things.

When she posted the map of your house and all that, she crossed some pretty big lines. I don't think that a healthy, secure person would go to such levels to play games. That was vindictive, negative, ill advised, immature, antagonistic and immature. Not to mention dangerous. But, maybe she has learned something? Maybe not, though.

She makes me uncomfortable and I guess that's the gist of it; that's why I don't believe she is done and why I am waiting for another ridiculous rant.

Basically, as far as I am concerned she hasn't done a single thing to show she has learned anything, accepted anything, grown, or changed. If she does I'll eat my words, but I have to be honest and say I'm not worried about having to eat my own words.

Regardless of what she does, I hope you keep this blog going, in some form. It has been enlightening and educational and interesting to learn about the Catholic faith from those who are Catholic. You know what they say, if you want to know something for a fact, go to the source. It is a good thing to have a source on the Catholic faith from Catholics available to counter the negativity from non-Catholics who certainly aren't talking from experience, knowledge or understanding. Not just CB, but so many others as well.

Tracy said...

I pray that she is moving on, that would really be nice!! She is a very pretty young woman, no doubt about that. I hope that she is moving on...time will tell:)

Jennifer Sr. said...

Just the other day, I was researching (online) a topic. The website author called his site an apologetics site. One of the things he mentioned about 1/2 way down the page was how he did all this research only to be told by some people that they would only believe scriptures taken from the KJV. (Which he did provide a scripture from the KJV to defend his argument.)

And then upon trying to dialog to have it at some point just blow up in his face that he doesn't dialog w/ those people any more.

I found that to be an interesting comment.

yesterday in the car, I was switching channels and stopped on the Catholic station and listened to Mass on the radio. I never would have done that before coming here, I would have just switched the station uninterested. But I was curious what I would hear.

I heard Scriptures, prayers... I heard ONE little mention of Mary and saints and how we should live as they did. Not one prayer to Mary!

Then at the end, an invitation to allow the Lord Jesus to be the Lord of your life. I felt the presence of the Lord *so strong*, tears welled in my eyes, right there in the car!!

Have a great day ladies, you bless me!

Lynn said...

Wait, she posted a photo of *your* house and a map on her blog?

What on earth motivated that?

Elena said...

This was the motivation.motivation.

Blondie said...

That was such a nice comment, Jennifer. I'm so glad to know that you and others out there are open to learn about what we as Catholics truly believe. Thanks for that!

faithful catholic said...


I agree with Blondie. Your comment was beautiful! Thank you for listening to that small voice and stopping on that radio station. Thank you for being willing to listen with an open heart. God bless you!

Jennifer Sr. said...

One thing that really struck me listening to the mass was how wrong some people are. I was so humbled by the voice on the radio praying for me to receive Christ and know him as my savior. It was so simple and moving. It hurt me to think that someone would accuse that gentle voice praying so earnestly of not preaching the gospel...

My 4th grade teacher gave us Chick tracks and my dh is a former Catholic, I had a Catholic friend or two, so I thought I knew.but I realize now some of the things I thought about Catholicism arent' true. And I changed my mind...(sometimes I correct my dh!)

don't know what is so hard about that...

This rebuttal blog has been such a blessing. I dont understand everything about the RCC, but I understand more than I did.

and I learned how I want to come across. With the integrity and humor and respect I have seen here.

Thanks Sisters in Christ,
Sincerely, Jennifer

Sal said...

I think a new point of understanding will have been reached when she removes the links to that foul "Jesus is Lord" site.
As long as it's up- not so much.

Of course she has the right to link to anything she likes- but we have the right to draw our own conclusions from that.

OTOH, I really do enjoy her homemaking articles a lot.

Kelly said...

Sal, I think Candy's entire worldview would have to change before she would remove Jesus-Is-Lord. She is in agreement with so much of that site, not just the anti-Catholic parts. I think it's really a part of who she is, theologically.

(I'm chuckling, thinking of Candy saying "If only they'd take down that awful link to the Catholic Catechism!)

Elena said...

I would rather have her take down
1. Whore of Babylon
2. Vatican vs. God.

We have debunked those thoroughly and she never ever acknowledged it. I don't believe she doesn't read here nor do I believe she is unaware of what goes on at this blog.

I do think she is unable to address our challenges to her work and that it is easier to just ignore it.

That's not very intellectually honest, nor does it back up her wish to be reaching out to Catholics.

Interestingly, I just have the feeling that if her pastor and I could sit in a room for a couple of hours going through this stuff we would have a good time! I'm not saying that either would persuade the other but I think we would have a mutual respect and maybe even share a couple of laughs. Wouldn't that be something! Apologetics is either something you love or you don't. The way he answered that question makes me think perhaps he does. Candy, IMO doesn't.

unknown anon said...

What was that about 'moving on?'

Now there are links to encourage people to buy that book of lies she is reading, and the pronouncement that it is VITAL VITAL VITAL reading.

Kelly said...

What was that about 'moving on?'

Yes, generally anytime we comment here on her lack of Catholic posting, she seeing that as a sign that she should post again. ;)

Blondie said...

That seems to be the

Elena said...

What it means is that the tail is now wagging the dog! LOL!!