Friday, June 13, 2008

A few last things

Angie, if you could verify that Lori apologized, that would be great. Feel free to e-mail me.

Now this is Candy's latest:

A few people have told me it was wrong to publish the "private" comment Susan left me.

First off, the comment wasn't private. She gave me NO indication whatsoever, at all, that it was private. Now, you nay sayers may just go away now. Bye bye. :-)

PS - When someone leaves me a private comment, they say in the comment that it is private. When someone leaves me a public comment - then I see no reason to not discuss said comment on my blog - since that is the public area that they left the public comment. :-?

A lot of bloggers do this. I like to ask specifically if I can share something or not instead of assuming. However, in this case Susan says that she did tell Candy that this was private. It was private for Candy's wellbeing, not Susan's!

For the past two days, there was a person who was mad at me, because I didn't publish their comment. I don't even remember the comment, but they must have said something pretty nasty to me, because according to them, I had banned them from commenting - maybe I did.

Pretty nasty in Candy's mind = disagree with me on anything. Candy simply will not tolerate chastisement or disagreement.

So, did it stop there? No, this "Christian" proceeded to harrass me, by sending me multiple emails for the past few days filled with such sick, vile hatred, that I can't believe a person would think such means things - including attacking my family.

I would like to publicly say that I do not believe this. Candy has said the same things about me, but since she does NOT allow my words to be published, it is only her words that get out there and I had nothing to prove my innocence. In this case Susan very wisely published her words on her blog so we can see the gist of the discussion.

I set up a filter in my email, so that I cannot get said person's emails anymore, and I blocked them from commenting here (from the IP I got from their emails to me) and blocked their IP from getting access to this page.

If you can't read her page or comment, she ahs blocked your IP. This can be overcome in two ways.
1. Subscribe to her RSS feed on Bloglines or Google. As long as she publishes a feed you can read her posts although not the comments. (Now Candy may take down her feed. this is only a win/win. It means NO ONE else can read her RSS feed either.)
3. You can buy Hide My IP. I have it and so does Tracy and when we need it, it works well. It costs $30 though.

When I ban people from commenting, it's either because they put up an insanely rude comment, or they keep bugging me.

More the latter than the former I suspect. Any disagreement bugs her.

Hope that clears that up. For the record I no longer e-mail Candy and I don't attempt to comment on her site. I keep everything out in the open here.

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Amanda said...

The reader she was talking about was me.

I did email her, twice. I may have verged on rude. However, I said nothing that even remotely qualified as sick or vile. I simply told her that I felt the reason she banned comments was for the reason someone else had given: Truth does not fear lies, but lies fear the truth.

She wrote me back and told me she had "no desire to read the vile filth that spewed forth from my fingers."

For the record, I did later email her, from another email adress and ISP, and appologize for what I had said. It was rude, and something I did in the "heat of the moment" as it were; it is not something that I am proud of. I don't know if she read it, and if she read it, I don't know if she believed me. What was important to me was that I made the effort.

Amanda said...

Oh, for the record, none of the comments I left were ever nasty, vile, or even rude. But I did disagree with her.

Blondie said...

I have learned over the past year that any disagreement with Candy is touted by her as "vile, nasty and rude."

catthief said...

I don't understand how this site is gossip but it's ok to talk about a commenter on her blog to everyone. Why is it necessary to even bring it up when it was going on privately in the first place? We can't see her emails or comments until their approved. Sorry, I just hate it when people are judgemental yet they're doing the same thing...

Saved Sinner said...

I think there might be a little bit of confusion about my comments. The original (very long) comment I left to Candy privately but the one she published as a blog post I did not leave privately so she never published anything she wasn't supposed to. Also it wasn't that the actual content of the original private comment was private but just that I was approaching her privately rather than publicly (as per Matthew 18).

Heather said...

Hi there,

I came across your blog through a friend. Actually, she commented on Candy's blog. So, I thought I would check out yours, too.

I just want to say that, as Christians, our jobs should be to build each other up, not tear each other down. Whether we label ourselves Catholic, Protestant, Pentacostal, Baptist, etc. we are ALL Christians as the word Christian simply means 'follower of Christ'.

God's Word IS truth and His Word would never direct any of His children to hurt another believer. We have been directed, individually, as well as a group, to 'go and make disciples of all nations'. We need to unify as believers to preach the Gospel as Christ commanded us to. If we can't show love to each other, as sisters and brothers in Christ, how can we begin to show love to the lost who need Him so?

Please know this comment was not a 'chastisement' to you or your blog. They were just thoughts in my head that I felt led to share.

May OUR Lord bless you and keep you:)

Tracy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nancy Parode said...


I think some of us over here feel very frustrated that some people who call themselves Christians won't dignify Catholics (who believe, as all Christians do, that Jesus Christ is Lord, and that he redeemed us from our sins through His death and resurrection) by admitting that we, too, are indeed Christians. Instead, our beliefs are mocked and, in some cases, vilified. There are many people out there who really don't see us as Christians - and that is a painful thing for us. We know we are Christians, but we would like to set the record straight, so to speak, by explaining what we believe. Hence, this blog.

You are so right, God's word should not be used to hurt other believers. I think, sometimes, people use the Cloak of Internet Invisibility to conceal their anger or dislike...they figure that since they are anonymous, they can say any hurtful thing they like online. IMHO that is not Christian behavior.

The other thing that happens online that doesn't happen in face-to-face dialogue is that one person can control the entire discussion by blocking or deleting whatever they like, then pretending it never happened at all.

Perhaps you've tried to explain Christianity to people who didn't want to listen...that's kind of how we feel when we write in kind terms, with charity in our hearts, and are told that we belong to a cult or that our comments are too ridiculous to be acknowledged.

I am only speaking for myself here, using my personal experience online, but I have been here long enough to know I am not alone in my feelings.

I am glad, Heather, that you stopped by, because you clearly speak in charity and with hope that reconciliation can happen. I feel hopeful and refreshed when I read and re-read your post.

Tracy said...

Nice post Nancy, I agree and sincerely hope we can all work toward healing and have some good and charitable discussion.

Jessica said...

Hi! I want to start out by saying that I do read Candy's blog daily, and it is one of my favorites, but I do not read her posts on the Catholic Church. I think I have read one once (the story about Sister Charlotte???)
I don't read those posts because I was never sure what to think of them. I have done a little bit of research; I am NOT claiming to know anything, but I did learn enough to know that I will not be reading "A Woman Rides the Beast". I believe that there probably are stories like sister Charlotte's that may be true, but I do not believe that those are the practices of Catholics as a whole. Bad things happen everywhere. I have learned that there are different types of Catholics--some liberal, some evangelical, some traditional, etc. Not everyone that goes to church are saved, plain and simple, no matter which church they go to. That being said, I believe that Catholic believers are our brothers and sisters in Christ, but not all, just like not all of the people that sit in church with me are saved. Am I making any sense?
I have seen some nasty comments directed at Candy on her site, and I have seen the discussions about them. I don't follow them through because frankly, I am there to be encouraged in my homekeeping. Some people have discussed unkind things that have been posted about her, and a lot of those that they discuss are comments that I never even saw posted. I admit that I think that anyone wanting to spew hate towards her should just simply stay away, and I did post a comment stating such on her site.
BUT, I did happen to go to Susan's site (is it Sinner Saved? I don't remember) out of curiosity (to see what all the "hubbub" was about, and read her post containing the long, thought-out comment she sent to Candy, and found that comment to be very tasteful and not hateful at all.
I came to this site because I think Susan mentioned it. I am not reading all of the posts, just like I don't read the posts at Candy's site about Catholicism, mainly because I just don't feel like reading the debates. I do plan on reading more about Catholic beliefs just out of plain curiosity. I have nothing against Catholics, I am just curious as to why some things are done the way they are. I chose to do this BECAUSE Candy has posted about Catholics. I read all things with discernment which is why I decided to check things out for myself rather than just take her word for it. I will still visit Candy's site because I really do like it although I don't share her views about the Catholic church. I will also continue to visit some of my other favorite sites--those of some lovely ladies who also happen to be Catholic. (Elizabeth Foss's, whose book I have, Kim at Starry Sky Ranch, and Barbara Curtis's Mommy Life), as well as probably checking out some sites I have found through this one and Elena's other site.
I hope this didn't come across as confrontational in any way, as that was certainly not my intent.
God bless!

Tracy said...

Jessica, welcome and thank you for your kind words, I really hope you'll come back soon:) Blessings!!

Kelly said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Jessica. If you are curious about some Catholic beliefs, please scroll down to the post titled "Welcome" where I compiled a list of various posts which relate to questions most people have about Catholicism.

Nancy Parode said...

Welcome, Jessica! I am glad you decided to visit this blog, and your favorite Catholic blogs are also some of my favorites. (I went to the Immaculate Heart of Mary conference yesterday and ate lunch next to Elizabeth Foss - she didn't eat - and met some really great ladies! It was a lovely day.)

There is a lot of great material here on what Catholics believe, and I hope some day you have time to read through a few articles.