Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pagan Candles

An example of "pagan" Jews using wax candles in worship. Perhaps they would be surprised that the Catholic Church gets credit for this "innovation."

Shabbot Pictures, Images and Photos

I think this also begs the question as to what should be used an alternative for church lighting. If electric lights are the Christian thing to use, then I think you'd be showing a pretty recent founding for your church.

Besides, these pagans are using electric lights AND candles in their worship:

Hindu procession

Actually, I visited a Hindu temple once on a field trip, and all of the statues were decorated with electric lights, similar to this:

Hindu Festival

I'm not really sure what lighting alternative we would have left if we ruled out everything that pagans use. After all, they can sit around in the sunlight and moonlight, too.

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Tracy said...

Very well said Kelly!!

Anonymous said...

I don't get it, at all. Where does the candle/pagan/cult connection get made?

Kelly said...

Candy posted a link to a chart which listed a chronology of Catholic heresies. One listed was the date that Catholics introduced candles to worship.

I don't believe it mentioned why candles were wrong, but Erika linked to Hislop's Two Babylons, which explains that candles are verboten due to pagan usage.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kelly, I know where it came from in the context of this post - but I mean in general. It's sort of rhetorical - or maybe not. But, I am truthfully confused about a connection like this being made in the first place. It seems so...I don't know, ridiculous.

I have to admit I haven't read much on it, but in my mind I can't make it make any kind of sense.

Candles? The light...on fire for many references in Christianity to fire and flames and then this? It seems to come out of left field to me. I need to read a lot to even grasp how such a concept can even be.

Kelly said...

Sorry perplexity, I must have been skimming and didn't realize it was you who had posted that comment. I would have known you got the context. :)