Monday, June 2, 2008


My little break yesterday was so nice I think I'm going to extend it! Lots of doings here with the end of the regular school year, the start of summer homeschool, the nonstop presence of the neighborhood kids (whom I love to death but still), my 3-year-olds birthday and a problem I'm having with my oldest kid - plus all the other stuff like work, laundry, etc... it's a bit much. I'm going to regroup and re-focus. I'll be blogging solely at MDC (some planned articles) and bringing my homeschool blog up to date in the meantime. If I can get through the week I'll be doing great!
Enjoy the lovely spring/summer weather and see you in a few days.

(all the comments do come to my e-mail box and I check e-mail almost obsessively. If someone really needs me at is probably the most expedient way to go!)

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Perplexity said...

Hang tough, Elena. I don't have a teen in the house, but I was a teen once, as we all were, and I remember it all too clearly sometimes. Particularly when I was a newly legal adult teen, done with school and bucking parental input in my life, since I was, you know, "an adult now."

Flannery said...

Have a nice break, Elena!

Next on Candy's reading list:

"Smokescreens" Jack T Chick.

Just FYI

Tracy said...

Good for you Elena.. you need to do what you gotta do and we totally understand; we miss ya when your not posting ( I love to read yours and Kelly's posts!!) but I totally understand how busy you are!! :)

Tracy said...

Oh Flannery, that is interesting indeed!! Jim Akin has wrote some awesome posts on his blog about Jack Chick and he has even met the man!!

Blondie said...

Even Christianity Today, a popular Protestant magazine, has debunked Jack Chick and his wasteland of lies.

candyiscrazy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
concernedcitizen said...

Has anyone seen Candy's latest retorts on her anti-Catholic comments? It is under the May 30th post.

concernedcitizen said...

in case she deletes it here is her comment to maria

Maria, it's because Roman Catholicism is not a Christian religion. It is, in fact, a cult. They don't don't believe one is saved in faith in Christ alone. That goes against their council of Trent, and was agreed upon in their Vatican II. According to their church doctrine, if one believes this, they are to be excommunicated from the RCC.

One has to study so much to become a RC, because with the RC religion, you can't understand the Bible by yourself. You have to read and study the church writings. If the church writings say the opposite of the Bible (which much of it does) then you "don't understand the Bible," and must go off of church writings and tradition. :-(
Candy | Homepage | 06.01.08 - 10:21 am | #

Elena said...

New commenters, please review our guidelines posted in the side bar. Also, please try to stay on topic. The topic of this post is my need for a break - Enforcing the commenting guidelines is not a break!

Concerned citizens, if you look elsewhere on the blog, Maria and I have already talked and we're cool. It worked itself out.

Candy doesn't realize it but she just granted the Orthodox Churches cult status as well. Interestingly, I don't know of many cults that make you hang around to see what you're getting into before they accept you?! But what do I know?

I'm also not sure how much in-depth bible study is done in RCIA. I know when I come into talk I cite a lot of scripture and catechism paragraphs, but we aren't exactly going through to find where scripture disagrees with Catholicism so that we can brainwash folks.

concernedcitizen said...

My apologies.

Tracy said...

concerned, I totally understand your frustration with Candy, I think we have all felt this at one time or another, but we don't want to attack Candy personally, we just want an open discussion on what her views of the Catholic church are incorrect and sadly many non Catholics share those views or other types of incorrect views and this is a good place to discuss just that and I hope you'll join us in these things. Many Blessings:)