Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Stay Tuned . . .

I see that my recent post reminded Candy that she hasn't posted on her John series in a while, and she now has John Chapter 4 up.

This is actually one of my favorite series that Candy has done. I feel that it is the closest we can come to a real dialogue. She sits down with her Bible, and I sit down with mine, and we both share what we have found in Scripture.

Unfortunately, these posts do take time to write, so you will have to wait until this evening for our installment. Until then, please peruse the previous chapters.

Let's Study The Bible!
John 2
John 3
John 6

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Tracy said...

awesome Kelly, I can hardly wait!!!

Stephanie said...

I'm posting this to her blog, and putting it here for posterity:

Candy, I am sure you won’t post this, but that’s all right. I’m going to post this to at least three other blogs, including my own, so it’ll get out. I’m not going to post anything here anymore because even though I normally like reading what you have to say, your refusal to admit that you are lying about Catholicism is too much. You said Catholicism was a cult and when I posted why it is not, you did not publish my comment. You insisted that Catholics do not read the Bible. I posted that I do and that I even use a KJV at times. You didn’t post this because it contradicts you. In other words, you decide what is true and what isn’t. That’s lying, unbefitting someone who claims to be a Christian. By the way, I have a doctorate in Catholic theology, more theological training than most priests get. I can prove it to anyone who is curious. It doesn’t benefit me much beyond personal satisfaction; there’s not much call for Doctors of Sacred Theology in modern-day North America. Still, I’m the wrong one to tell that she knows nothing about what Catholicism “really teaches” so don’t even try. Again, I know you won’t post this comment, but I hope at least you read it.