Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A very quick post on Candy's latest

Candy's latest at Roman Catholicism

This is Candy's response to a lady named Susan. I wasn't really clear on what exactly Susan was asking, but here is Candy's response with my comments:

Please move your eyes to the top of this webpage. What is this blog called? Answer? ~Keeping The Home~. This is not the "Roman Catholicism is a Cult" page. However true that statement is, that is not the main focus of my page.

Very true and if she stuck to that I would have no problems with her at all.

In total, I'm not posting more or less about the RC cult than I since I started blogging years ago. I post about RCs in spurts, as I feel the leading. I currently see no need to post anything new, as I've shown the facts plain and clear in several of the articles under the "Deceptions Revealed" section lower down in the left hand side bar of this site.

We have the rebuttals to her anti-Catholic articles in our side bar too. Her articles were very easy to disprove.

I'm sure I'll post more about that dangerous (and richest) cult more in future blog posts, but that is not what's on my mind right now, and since this is MY blog, I simply blog about what's currently on my mind. :-)

Interestingly my inner city Catholic parish is spilling a lot of red ink with tithes down, probably due to the tanking economy. Me thinks that if this is a cult, we're not very good at it!! LOL!!

I don't care if so and so closes their webpage about me or not. Frankly, the existence of that page is further confirmation that I am doing the work of God - proclaiming the truth from the "mountain tops." That page has led RCs to this page, and praise God that many of them have left the RC church and have become saved, born again Christians. Some of them have become my dear friends.

Candy once told me that she wrote whatever she wanted to write because "freedom is a wonderful thing." I wrote back, "Yes, and ignorance is bliss." She declined to respond further.

As I have said several times before, it's not too hard to convert someone with one foot out of the church and the other on a banana peel. Of the former RC I have "met" through Candy's blog, none impressed me with their mastery of the catechism.

There are quite a few anti-Candy websites out there. People tell me of them, but I am not a visitor of them. I have better things to do with my time, rather than read filth and slander. :-)

Another reason why are trying to take the high road on this blog. Despite her protestations, we know Candy reads here quite often. Ya'll can wave to her from the comment section (Insert group wave here!!)

Speaking of time, I have a lot of projects I'm working on today, so I must be off.

I hope this cleared up your questions, Susan, and I pray that the Lord will open your heart to HIS truth. READ your Bible - but read what IT says. Don't read it through the filter of what the RC church has taught you what it says.

Yes please do Susan. I did. And my reading brought me right back into the heart of the church founded by Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church.

1 Timothy 3:15if I am delayed, you will know how people ought to conduct themselves in God's household, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of the truth.

The truth isn't afraid of lies. Therefore, I don't care about those anti-Candy websites. However, lies are afraid of the truth, and that is why those anti-Candy websites exist.

We aren't afraid of the truth Candy, we proclaim it loudly. Which is why we let everyone read and comment. What's your excuse?

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Saved Sinner said...

I haven't replied to her yet as I don't have time to read her post or this post at the moment but it's me she's talking about and I did tell her in my original comment that I was not Roman Catholic.

Tracy said...

Excellent post Elena!!!!

Esther said...

I am just catching up on VTCL since I have had trouble subscribing to this feed and to Domestic Church blog for a long time. Yesterday, I was able to subscribe w/o anymore trouble.

Anyway, it seems to me that Candy is angry at the Catholic Church. Only God can open her mind and her heart.

Saved Sinner said...

Apparently she never received my previous comment which is funny as I've never had that problem before. I don't want to make too much comment on the issue without commenting direct to her first but now I've read your post I just wanted to say I agree with a lot of it. Especially the bit about the focus of the site.

concernedcitizen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
concernedcitizen said...

she has since commented back to you, savedsinner, and she isn't going to publish it. she is a piece of work.

Blondie said...

There are quite a few anti-Candy websites out there. People tell me of them, but I am not a visitor of them. I have better things to do with my time, rather than read filth and slander. :-)

This isn't an anti-Candy site, it is an anti-lies-Candy-tells-about-the-Catholic-Church site.

If she was so interested in truth, she would stop posting lies about the Church and start posting her disagreements with what the Church truly teaches.

Kelly said...

Well, saved sinner, I'm really curious as to what your 100 word comment was. Feel free to post it here, or if you put it on your blog, I'll stop by and read it.

But if you feel it would only make for more trouble, then I'll understand. :)

Elena said...

Or Susan, you could e-mail it to me at and I can forward it to Kelly. I'd like to read it too. Thanks!

concernedcitizen said...

Anyone that disagrees with Candy is an anti website in her eyes. Her comment below says it all.

"Susan, I received and read the comment. I didn't publish it, or read the ~whole~ thing, as it was just rediculous. :-?"

KitKat said...

I came thisclose to writing a comment to Candy about her recent rant but I knew that it either wouldn't get published at all or she would copy, cut, and paste it to suit her needs. As I am feeling a bit pregnant and hormonal right now, I thought it best for me to just let this one go. But if Candy is reading this I have to tell her that every single lie filled anti-Catholicism post that she makes just makes me dig deeper into my Catechism and learn more and more about my faith. So I guess in an odd sort of way I should thank Candy for excercising her "freedom". I am becoming a more skilled apologist every day thanks to her innacurate posts AND the excellent job that Elena and her wonderful fellow bloggers do here showing everyone the REAL truth! :)

Heather said...

I'm not Catholic, but I am a Christian, and I'm so relieved to find someone who doesn't agree with Candy! From reading the comments on her posts, I sometimes feel like I'm the only one who finds what she says to be horribly self-righteous, judgmental, and offensive.

Amanda said...

Oh, how glad I am to find this blog. I do, generally, like Candy's website, but there are times she gets on her high horse and I just have to bite my tongue. I've asked her very polite, not at ALL offensive (not even borderline!) questions about her KJV-Only stance, that were not published. Apparently daring to question her authority (however politely it is done) is inappropriate on her blog.

I often feel she is talking out of both sides of her mouth, "I love Catholics----but they're an evil cult!"

I mainly grow weary of her "my way is the right way and the ONLY way to do things" attitude.

candyiscrazy said...

Not trying to be catty or anything, but for someone that is suppose to be qualified for MENSA she sure does misspell words a lot. You can't call someone or something someone says rediculous, when you can't spell ridiculous. The problems with her post are numerous to say the least. Yes, Hitler and the Nazis were horrible, but I don't think anyone would argue that, and yes some Catholic Priest (and yes you spell priest like that and not like preist) were complicit, but I think you do things a tad bit different when you have the gas chamber hanging over you. What about the Protestant atrocities: settlers to the American Indians, Protestants were complicit and active during the crusades, the KKK and Aryan Nation also hold on to Protestant values, the persecution of Catholics in Ireland, and this does not even include the numerous missionary atrocities around the world at the hands of the Protestants. This is the issue I have with Candy. She is near sighted, and needs to be discredited. I mean to say how can someone call themselves a "real" Christian by standing up for the Catholics is troubling on two fronts: (1) who is she to determine what a "real" Christian is, and (2) what about forgiveness and tolerance? I mean who could call themselves a "real" Christian when they wash the feet of a sinner prostitute (oh..wait...oops that WAS Christ).

candyiscrazy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Saved Sinner said...

I've done a post about it on my blog complete with the original comment (which I meant to say was over 1000 words long but must've mis-typed).

Nancy Parode said...

Oh, dear, Saved...I did read your entire blog post and I am sorry you've had this difficult experience. Thank you for sharing it with us, and for keeping an open mind about the Catholic faith.

motherofmany said...

I still would like to know where Jesus washed the feet of a prostitute. I can't find that anywhere.

Tracy said...

motherofmany, I can't find that one either but I have found where she washes his feet, that must be what was meant don't you think?

Kelly said...

Amy, CIS did reply that he/she meant the passage where Jesus had his feet washed, and quoted the passage. But I deleted the message, because the rest of it didn't meet the commenting guidelines.

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