Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Building the Ark

Building the Ark

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patjrsmom said...

Thanks for the link! I hope you enjoy the carnival!

God Bless,

Allison said...

Hello - I just stumbled across your site today. I am quite familiar with Candy's blog and I respect her for her commitment to being a good wife, mother and homemaker and trying to live a simpler lifestyle. I must say that I don't, however, agree with some of her views on Catholicism. I myself am a non-denominational Christian who was raised Catholic but left because of all the hyprocrosy that I saw around me (money, lies, abuse, etc). I am also a teacher and did my student teaching in a Catholic school and went to a Catholic, all girls university. I graduated with my BA in religious studies and am working on my MA in Biblical studies. I personally don't have any real problems with Catholics, per say, but, I do have a problem with some of the church's hierarchy and ways that they have manipulated the Word of God to fit their needs. However, I do not blame Catholics for some of the things that go against scripture and I believe that if Catholics believe in Jesus as their Savior, has per His Word saying that ALL who call upon His name will be saved, then great. I don't personally think the traditions of the church do any harm if they are only soildifying your faith in Christ. The only problem I have is with glorifying Mary over Jesus and viewing the pope as Jesus on earth. Anyway, sorry to make this long. I just wanted to say that I appalud your faith in Christ and for defending your faith. For as Paul says, we are ALL one who are one in Christ Jesus. I believe that the less we focus on our differences and the more we focus on saving souls and living for Him, the better :)

God bless!

Kelly said...

Hi allison, thanks for stopping by.

I do want to address this:
The only problem I have is with glorifying Mary over Jesus and viewing the pope as Jesus on earth.

Neither one of these points is Catholic doctrine. I have met a few individual Catholics who talk more about Mary than Jesus, but not very many. During the Mass, Mary is mentioned only once or twice, but Jesus is mentioned lots.

We believe that the Pope is Jesus' representative on earth, or his steward, in Biblical terms. He is not viewed as any sort of incarnation of Jesus, and he is not without sin.

If you use the search box at the top of the page, search for "Mary" or "Pope" and you will find a number of articles that address these issues.


Barb said...

This is off topic, but for those who can no longer post on Candy's blog (but can still read it), how can one tell they are banned from commenting?

I posted a comment this morning about the tongues and backed up what I have found in the Scriptures. I went to check to see if she had posted it.

I can no longer read any comments and I do not have the option to post a comment on her new post. Either I have been banned from commenting or she's turned off the comments. Not sure which one. If I've been banned then there is no doubt that she always thinks she's right, no "if, and's or but's about it".

Kelly said...

Candy's comments have either been removed, or are just down right now.

I believe if you are banned from leaving a comment, you can still read them, but don't have the option to leave one.

Barb said...

Thanks Kelly. They were down and now back up. My husband was almost sure my last comment might get me banned since she's so quick to do so at times.

Kelly said...

Comments are back, and it looks as if she posted your comment, barb.