Friday, July 18, 2008

Good News!

Well, I guess it's good news. In checking over our stats, we are getting some regular search engine traffic for the terms "catholic cult" and "catholic atrocities." These people are directed to the articles which I wrote by the same name.

Now, when you type these terms into a search engine, we are one of the few pro-Catholic sites that come up. Most of the pages are telling about why Catholicism is a cult, or the atrocities committed by Catholics. With that in mind, I just edited the two articles to add more links to some of our other articles. For example, each one now has links to our resources on why Jack Chick and Dave Hunt are NOT reliable sources of information.

I'm very glad to think that we might really make a difference to people who are directed here for those search terms. This really goes beyond Candy's audience!

Catholic Atrocities
The Catholic Cult

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Tracy said...

That is good news Kelly!!

Elena said...

You're taking to this blogging/search engine thing like a fish to water!! Good job!

Nancy Parode said...


There's a way to tweak the titles of blog posts to improve SEO. Choose your keywords - like, "Catholic atrocities" - use them first, as you've done, and then add a second phrase or title with the same keywords repeated. For example: Catholic Atrocities - Debunking Catholic Atrocities

This repetition of your keyword phrase will help search engines find your posts more often.

(I am not telling you what to do, of course! I am providing SEO info in case it will help you find ways to bring more non-Catholics here, to find out the real truth about the Catholic faith.)

Kelly said...

No, that's very helpful Nancy. I was just thinking in my shower that I should probably move more of the additional resources I added to the TOP of the post, because a lot of people will read the first few lines, and then decide it isn't what they are looking for.

I won't have time to edit again until later this afternoon, so if anyone else wants to make some technical suggestions, go right ahead.

Sal said...

And they will read your* sensible, well-written, correctly spelled articles and think "Hmmm, this lady seems pretty smart. Not a blank-eyed cultist at all. Could I be wrong?"

Good news, yes!

*Elena, et al., too!

angie said...

That is truly wonderful news!! Well done!

KitKat said...

Yay! That is good news indeed!