Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just Asking . . .

Anne T. left a comment on Candy's blog which contained this bit of information:

I don't know any former nuns, but I know several former catholics. They left mostly due to the relationship the catholic church has with the mafia. Some people believe if they make a huge donation to the church that will forgive them of the knockoff they did.

I suspect that we have a majority of Catholics in our audience. Please confess--do you have any mafia connections or know people who do?!

I think I must be missing out, living in the Bible Belt for so long. I do admit, many of my relatives are caught up in the "good 'ol boy" network, but that mostly involves getting a good deal on a used Mustang which comes with a Confederate flag bumper sticker (which is considered a plus).

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unknown anon said...

It's a lie. Another of the phantasms of the anti-Catholic movement, like the 'nun stories' of Sister Charlotte and her ilk.

Nancy Parode said...

Huh? I have lived in Italy twice (as a practicing Catholic) and this is, well, bogus.

There's no questioning the fact that the Mafia (and its cousins in other regions of Italy and the world) exists. Some Catholics, priests and otherwise, have looked the other way or avoided involvement in anti-Mafia activity, mostly out of fear. (For a good look at how Italian organized crime works, read Gomorrah. Note the lack of priestly participation in the events described in the book, too.)

But, there have been many Catholics, priests and lay people, who have fought against the corruption and crime. Saint Gaetano Catanoso is just one example.

Frankly, the Mafia has great influence and uses violence to achieve its ends. Leaving the Catholic Church to protest against the Mafia (or its supposed influence on the Church) is a pretty useless form of protest.

Elena said...

I suspect someone caught the Godfather trilogy on cable and got a little carried away.

Kelly said...

The Mafia connection is in some of the Jack Chick publications, and Dave Hunt, too.

Anonymous said...

I love the circular logic. Or, not.

The families of many Mafia members originated in Italy. Even if it was several generations ago.

Italy is mainly Catholic.

Lots of Mafia families are Catholic.

Therefore, the Catholic Church is involved with the Mafia!

Seriously, it hurts to try to think this way.

Kelly said...

I think the point we can safely take from this comment, is that if you're in the Mafia, it will save you a lot of money to convert to a protestant denomination! ;)

Dana said...

Ok -- I don't see the relevance to that as the protestant denominations are a primary uprising in the Ku Klux Klan and other Arian Brothers factions. People who watch and BELIEVE everything that is purported on television and fiction are basically zombies in my opinion. It is not hard to open an encyclopedia and start to research some of these claims on one's own. Candy certainly just takes other people's 'research' as gospel without herself looking into any of the claims made. She fails in providing any evidence in her arguments except 'so and so said'. I find that so ignorant and useless. That's how I have come to view her and her blog.