Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Will the real Mary Collins please stand up!

I was clicking and reading through the links Kelly put up yesterday (great job Kelly!) and fount this very interesting bit of information about Mz. Collins.

Here they have various samples of her "biography" where first she says she didn't take vows, and then it gets changed to she was asked to leave, and later for health reasons. So which is it? A very interesting read and if you have any doubts as to whether or not this lady is for real, this definitely won't alleviate them!

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Tracy said...

Good work Elena!!

Karyn said...

great research elena! i laughed at the line where she says...."I believe that decision for me to leave the convent was God's protection." because all i could think of was uhm, ya God's protection of us from her. Thanks for working so hard to bring these shams to light.

Mary said...

Off topic...
Hope you don't mind, I posted a comment to candy's post today, and I just wanted to leave a copy here for safekeeping. Thanks!

Candy, I have been a long time reader of your blog.

I am not Catholic.

You need to take the things said here to heart. You really do.

I read on your blog, (I think your husband wrote it) where the wafer used in Catholic Eucarist was called a cookie. How disrespectful. Does he call the wafer HE uses in communion a cookie? I doubt it. This is just one example.

You will make people less defensive and "turned off" if you alter your approach to be less abrasive. By all means stick to what you feel is the truth. But you just might be scaring people away who actually need the message you are trying to put out. You will have their blood on your hands some day. You cold have reached them, but you wanted to do it your way. Did Jesus make people feel ridiculed and defensive when he taught them? No. People heard his message and were inspired to leave everything behind and follow Him. You have an audience here who need your message but are running away because of YOU. That's not good.

Take the focus off of yourself and the way you want to talk (type). Change your wording to be friendlier and less hateful-sounding. (I am not saying you are hateful, it is just the way you sound in your writings, not YOU as a person.) I am sure you can give the same message using words that are less likely to hurt people.

You can do it, if you truly want to reach people.

Mary in TN with the long-un-updated blog.