Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oh, and we have a Google page rank of 3/10

which means we've gained some clout in the last year.  To put it in perspective, most blogs on blogspot that have been around for a while have a page rank of 4.  Candy's has a page rank of 4.    Catholic writer Mark Shea has a 5.  Blogs like the Daily Kos have an 8/10.  I don't expect us to get much higher than a 4 but it really is encouraging to see the rank go up.

As always you can help with bookmarking, linking, Digging, Facebooking and all the other social linking stuff that helps page rank.  Thanks for being such faithful readers!
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hmom said...

I have been reading this site for several months now and this is my first comment.

I think there is a strong possibility that Candy may have a mental illness or personality disorder that prevents her from being rational. I say this because my own sister suffers from mental illness. Although my sister is not into religion as Candy is, it is impossible to carry on a normal conversation with her. She is always correct, even when all facts prove otherwise. It is extremely frustrating dealing with this type of person and I know from experience they never come around to reality. The parallels between Candy and my sister's behaviors are startling. Even though my sister has been diagnosed by a doctor, there are still those she surrounds herself with that insist there is nothing wrong with her. Sometimes I feel I live in Twilight Zone. Bless you for your patience. This is not easy.

Elena said...

Thanks hmom. Actually I have a friend like that too. Once we didn't speak for over a year. Then she got on Wellbutrin and things have been fine since.

Thank you for your kind words and I hope your sister finds healing.

Milehimama said...

Hey, how do you find out your page rank? I'm 36 on technorati, but I notice that it's not updating my authority in real time.

Anonymous said...