Saturday, August 2, 2008

Somebody heard . . .

We keep saying that a lot of what Candy or other fundamentalists find objectionable about Catholicism is not distinctive to Catholicism, but is shared by other churches, especially the Orthodox.

Somebody else has discovered that.

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Sal said...

Thanks for the link, Kelly- that rosary is teh bomb!

Sneaking a moment at the computer. Hope to catch up on all the "nun fun", etc. when I get home. I miss y'all, but am having a great time with the g-kids.

unknown anon said...

It's not a rosary, BTW.

They are chotki, or "Jesus beads."

There are 100 beads, with no divisions.

One says the prayer "Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner," or a variation (some are longer, some shorter) on each bead.

Mr. Stewart needs some basic research skills, eh?

Like the fact that he skimmed right on over John 6, and its Greek verb for 'chew'.......among other things.

Suzanne said...

It's really a shame that people have so many misconceptions about Orthodoxy. After much research and prayer my husband and I are about to become catechumens in the Antiochian Orthodox church. Mr. Stewart's claims are flimsy at best and he completely misunderstands the doctrines of Orthodoxy. Shrilly proclaiming that a church is apostate and offering out-of-context Scripture does not make a case for your opinion!

Esther said...

It amazes me how judgmental and condemning some "Christians" can be. Do they really think they are pleasing God? Thanks for an interesting post.