Sunday, September 21, 2008

My reply to Ace.

I have never yet met a Catholic who has been well versed in the Bible.

You have now! : )

That included the entire staff of my Highschool, the Church I was required to attend, the students at the school and much of my family. But that isn't the point.

I understand. Catechesis in this country over the past 40 years has been very negligent. It's one of my biggest pet peeves. On this we agree!

The point is that there is a movement of gossip and slander against Candy and no matter what you THINK of her, what you and others are DOING is sick, twisted and creepy.

Just for the record, I have refrained from gossiping about Candy. I simply correct her misinformation about Catholicism.

Speaking of creepy, it was my home that she published the Google shots of on her web site.

To dedicate everyday of your lives to it is sad and frankly it wouldn't matter WHAT religion you were, I would want no part of it because of the behavior of all of you.

Um... all of who? I barely blogged at all last week, let alone about Candy. I know all Candy detractors might look alike to you but I assure you, we come in a lot of different varieties.

Why do you care what one woman thinks of your religion?

I don't. I do however care about the misinformation and lies that she leads other people to believe from the propaganda she puts out on her blog. Candy boasts 2000 visits a day and she has won a HomeSchool Blog Award. I'd say her reach and influence in this part of the blogosphere makes it worth the effort to put out the correct information so that people can read both sides.

There are millions of sites out there bashing Christians, I never give them a thought. Why are you and they so obsessed?

Answered above. And I would hardly say obsessed. We have debunked most of what Candy has written and now when she goes into her 2nd or 3rd set or reruns we can simply point our readers to our previous blog posts.

This thread is done. I have read the "blogs" and the discussions because as a former journalist I always try to hear both sides,

Somehow I don't think you've visited or spent extensive time at our apologetics blog

Because if you had I think as a professional you would have to appreciate the effort and research that went into much of our work.

I was revolted that these Women were so debased to spend so much time trashing someone they don't even actually know. You all are no innocents and I want no part of it.

Fine with me. I don't write or comment on the other blogs. My primary interest has been getting out the correct information about what the Catholic church actually teaches.

This discussion is closed and IF any of you read the Bible, how foolish you are. It says we will answer for every deed we have done, every word we have said. Sad and sick is what I read and saw. Get a life!

Why do I have the feeling you are no longer addressing me as an individual but ranting at everyone who has a bone to pick with Candy in general?

I am praying for all of you. Like it or believe it or not.

Many Blessings :)

That's cool too. I can always use more prayer, particularly during this time of year.

Your sister in Christ,

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anymommy said...

Thank you for engaging Ace. The original comment was left on my behalf, and I probably shouldn't have allowed it, but I get so tired of being called a gossip, etc, that I thought we'd invite a few of Candy's readers to see the pain she's caused. What a catastrophe! My skin is not quite thick enough for this--and they claim WE attack!

Anyway, I'd like to add my agreement about the poor catechism. When I went through RCIA 20 years ago, I learned NOTHING about the Church. I left within a year. It has only been in the past year or so, mainly due to Candy and a very anti-Catholic pastor, that I have begun learning the true beauty of the Roman Church. I have to keep it to myself for now, though, as my husband is not exactly Rome-friendly. I keep praying we will have a unity of faith eventually, though. I only wish I could attend Mass and participate in the Eucharist, but I will have to get a dispensation. I'm just too impatient!

Milehimama said...

Thanks for posting this. It just makes me nuts when people say "just read your Bibles!".

I highly doubt anyone has become an IFB by simply reading their Bibles with no outside influences.

It's particularly frustrating when many of my comments on other sites seem to center around putting Candy's Bible verse cherry picking into context by quoting MORE Scripture.

Although...if being persecuted makes you right, then that makes us...:)

Dr MikeyMike said...


I don't know if this is the most appropriate place to post this comment, but...

I am a 23 year old med student, and I found this blog when I was doing a search on "Tony Alamo Ministries", when I read about it in the news. It is very anti-Catholic, and one tangent google-search led to the next.

I started reading some of your earlier posts and I quickly fell in love with the place. Anti-Catholicism cuts very close to the quick for me, as I am a cradle Catholic and live in Oklahoma. Truly, anti-Catholicism is one of the few acceptable prejudices.

I hope to become a member of the little community here, and share in your discussion. You'll have to excuse me, though, if I stray away from the "lady's prayer group" :P.