Friday, September 5, 2008

The Spanish Armada

I guess if Candy thought she would kill us by overburdening us with constant rebuttals, she has since changed her modus operandi and is attempting to end this blog with boredom. Same old arguments, same lack of research, same ad hominem attacks.

So once in a while to spice things up, I guess it is nice that she refers to her revisionist view of history - because we haven't touched on that as much on this blog. Her latest Catholic slam was on her post regarding Governor Sarah Palin, the Republican VP candidate. I missed it the first time I perused the post, but as a masterful Catholic basher, she wriggled it in there!

When the Roman Catholic Spanish armada was on it's way over to England, to kill the Protestants and take over England, things looked bleak. It was impossible for England to win, but they did win! GOD intervened, and created a wind that led to the destruction of the Spanish ships, and England was saved.

The not so subtle message being that God used a woman, Queen Elizabeth I, to defeat the evil Catholics and send them back to Spain. And undoubtedly many of Candy's readers who look to her as their own magisterium, will believe that was all there was to it.

But wars of that scale aren't usually that simplistic. For the serious history student, here are some more...shall we say, complete histories of the Spanish Armada and the English victory over Spain.


Elizabethan Era.
Catholic Encyclopedia.

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Nancy Parode said...

Does that mean God will ensure Palin's victory over "Catholic" Biden? (Just teasing.)

Elena said...

I certainly hope so!

Catholics against Joe Biden

anymommy said...

What Candy fails to mention is that her "research" in the area of British history is that she watched the 2 Elizabeth movies several months ago. I specifically remember her posting about them and how Elizabeth saved England from the Catholics.

I just love it when Hollywood gives us a history lesson.

Tracy said...

Good job Elena!!!!

Kelly said...

You read it twice?! I didn't even make it all the way through the first time.

Barbara C. said...

Did anyone else get a flashback to the "Princess Bride" reading Candy's Palin post? I kept thinking about Vizzini trying to decide which cup had the poison in it. The logic was truly dazzling. "We can't choose for Palin because..." but "We can choose Palin because..." but "We can't choose Palin because..." Or maybe it's just the weird connections my brain sometimes makes.

Tia said...

Hollywood gave us entertainment and a vague notion of what happened in the past in regards to the Elizabeth movies. It is how people interpreted those pieces of entertainment that led to them thinking of it as historical fact represented exactly as it happened. Hollywood didn't try to give us history, but some people chose to make those movies their source for history, disregarding entertainment enhancements and story line embellishments.

It's not usually a case of what Hollywood does. It is how people watching the products of Hollywood interpret what they see.

Saved Sinner said...

I think with a lot of things religion doesn't have a lot to do with it but they happen to be convenient ways of labelling the two sides. This is probably how I have a Northern Irish friend who in his own words is a "Catholic Atheist".

I'm sure the "Catholics" in those days did many bad things but I'm also sure the "Protestants" did too.